Hot Tea Smoked Salmon

smoked salmon cut

This is easy. Part of the lunch for the-mag-is-away weekend, the Michel Roux jnr lamb cooked in a salt dough was a little trickier, maybe I’ll explain that later.

1 cup of aborio rice, 1/4 cup raw sugar, and 1 tbs of darjeeling tea. It was supposed to be jasmine rice, brown cane sugar, and jasmine tea but well I fould out I didn’t have any of these and just made do. Place it on a sheet of foil (didn’t have that either) and then place it in a wok. Place the fish in a bamboo steamer and then place that in the wok and turn up the heat. It should begin to smoke and allow it to continue to do so for about 15 minutes or until cooked. Outdoors is probably a good idea. Sliced and eaten and enjoyed a great deal. The lamb was good too with the tarragon crumbs giving it a richness that felt at times like gargling hollandaise.

Trickier still and unlike gargling hollandaise is getting out a mag. Just got back from going over the proofs, the final stage before it goes to press and yes I’m happy. The whole thing looks great. Although (inevitably) I’m not that happy with some of my stories but happy with some bits, especially the ones that made me laugh. These are at my own jokes though so the experience may be somewhat different for the rest of you. A late night but a rewarding one seeing it finally all together. Most of my work (I’m editor now – yeah yeah well I just write it here, I don’t check it) involved sitting and looking at the very unmagical MS Word and printouts, there’s then a fantastic transition when I get to see it come together on InDesign by our designer Kate with the pics from photographic editor Jeff. But nothing like big bits of paper with lines all over the margin bits (as they say in the industry). It’s quite a few more involved than just us three – Kate found herself invaluably (for us) shanghai’d and of course my wife has gone from blog widow to mag widow (but both of these have a better ring to them than bike widow) and has given me more support than I deserved. Done. Out in a week or so, when I think I’ll be licking stamps or something.

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  1. Nicole’s avatar

    Congrats on getting out the door (as we say ;) ). Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Getting mags “to bed” and then “out the door”!? I could have at least cooked it breakfast.

    Hope you like it, but don’t read my articles, they’re crap, ohhh alright they’re kinda good in parts, the parts in quotes, actually nah they’re alright…

  3. Kate’s avatar

    Yeah I’ve never put one to bed but I’ve certainly got a few out the door…

    You are the man that cooks, I am the girl that edits…

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Well if you keep bringing up gender theory…

    You’re also the one that took that pic which I should have mentioned (what a bum)

  5. keiko’s avatar

    What a sinful looking salmon – I can’t resist it!

  6. Stephanie’s avatar

    Hi Anthony!

    I sent a link of this to Matt, and he’s very interested…so, thanks.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Be strong! Actually don’t bother just go get some salmon, you could even the proper ingredients. (The lamb was pure evil)

    I hope you’re not just trying to get Matt to cook you stuff now.

  8. Stephanie’s avatar

    If I were, this recipe would be useless to me. I’m a (non-fish-eating) vegetarian!!

    Nah, it’s all for him. I’d end up making it for him.

  9. J’s avatar

    hi anthony, there’s nothing like smirking at one’s own jokes, and in print no less ;) i love home-smoked fish and poultry, and would get that old battered “smoking” wok out more often if not for the fact that our kitchen is incredibly small and not well ventilated. lovely looking slab of salmon you have there!

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Bloody meat eaters! Intesting conumdrum though about being a meat-cooking vegetarian.
    Is there any reason why you can’t smoke vegetables? (I’ve set myself up for something here)

    Ahh much worse, loud and repeated laughter. Don’t know how they put up with me.
    The steamer is still a bit stinky but yes it’s a fun way to cook with lots of options for experimenting. The salmon is/was tasmanian – they have quite a few salmon farsm down there.

  11. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Well done on the mag Anthony, if u r as gd an editor as u r a cook, it’ll be a great edition, and salmon is a lovely way to spoil y’self isn’t it!? 1 of my faves.

  12. Gracianne’s avatar

    Lovely piece of salmon Anthony, and great picture Kate. I really must try home-smoked things sometime. You made a smoked duck once, if I remember well, I was really tempted.

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    That’s a lovely thing to say. Funnily enough, the Spring edition arrived this evening but I’m too scared to look too closely at the text, the mag name is spelled correctly and the knives look good, so that’s enough for now.

    You remember well, I did do smoked duck. I think you should try it – maybe you could use the MZ

  14. Jeanne’s avatar

    You never cease to amaze me, Spicey. Salmon looks gorgeous and I am sorely tempted to try, especially in this land where salmon is (relatively) cheap and it won’t be a complete disaster if it doesn’t work out!

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    You’ll ace it!

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