Spice Winter Edition

spice winter

Spice magazine winter edition should be in letterboxes soon and shops any day now. Go buy one, actually buy two (coffee table copy, kitchen copy) and then tell your friends to buy one. It’s great, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Knives, butchers, kosher food, New Guinean success stories, and local recipes galore.
Subscriptions here (overseas folks, email me).

[I am so fricking proud of that knife page]


  1. Matt’s avatar

    Knives and coffee, you got two of my favourite topics already. I am so checking this out. I hope you’re getting a stream of kick backs at least equal to the amount of effort you’re putting in mate… This looks great.

  2. Jeanne’s avatar

    Hey, well done! Nice to see Spice is going strong and that they’re allowing you to indulge in your knife obsession. Good on yer. :-)

  3. Gracianne’s avatar

    Bravo! Do you have a knife obsession?

  4. CW’s avatar

    Ooo will keep an eye out in the shops!

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Knives and Coffee – got yerself a novel right there. Dean Gallagher is a pretty amazing guy,
    Kickbacks? Ha! They promised a queue of couriers outside my door each day bearing cases of wine and treats, restuarant owners tearing up bills in front of me – I’ve gotten a crystal pig shaped wine stopper and a stubbie holder. (Not that I don’t appreciate them – it’s one of those cool flat ones that roll up).

    Yeah that’s what makes it worth while. Summer will be on cars and hamburgers and next Autumn on cooking for Japanese girl bands.

    Erm no I don’t, oh alright yes, But you have to admit, the page is kinda hot.

    Great! It’ll be out after the long weekend.

  6. bramble’s avatar

    Oooh… Knives out at the ready.

  7. Chubby Hubby’s avatar

    Great! Just emailed you. I can’t wait to read this. All the best!

  8. KathyF’s avatar

    Maybe you could send the leftover last season’s issues to the northern hemisphere? We are ready for some nice summer dishes here.

  9. Robert’s avatar

    Got home from work to find it waiting for me on the table. Looks pretty good, the layout/design is more consistent than last issue. There are a few recipes I’m game to try, and I’m looking forward to reading about meat and potatoes.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Sorry all, been away and catching up.

    Knifey joy
    Thanks, I’m onto it.
    I’ll swap you for this season’s winter clothing.
    We’re just non-fancy meat ‘n potato folks (up yours Gourmet Traveller!)

  11. teddlesruss’s avatar

    Ya got my $7.50 – I grabbed me a copy from Swansea St Markets yesterday. Also found a place called Loose Produce in Como/South Perth on Hobbs Plc off the H’way that has a few goodies, but didn’t seem to have the mag. You’re missing out on a sales outlet there!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey cheers Ted

    Swansea St markets are also an advertiser, which brings us great joy.

    Hmm missed one, actually our sales outlets are coming along nicely at the moment.

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