steak and potatoes

There you go. Beef fillet with potatoes cooked in a hot oven in goose fat with rosemary and sea salt. Reduced red wine and cream sauce with field mushrooms.



  1. CW’s avatar

    Looks yum! Where did you get goose fat from?

  2. Kate’s avatar

    Dude, don’t you love your blog anymore? :P

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    From geese!
    and ah Creative meats ay Herdies Fresh

    I know, I know. Just the other day it was asked to draw a picture of me at school and it couldn’t remember what I looked like. I was gutted.

  4. Gracianne’s avatar

    Looks like a traditional French Sunday dinner to me. Except I rarely cook beef filet, it is so expensive. I use beef rib instead, uhm, this picture makes me hungry.

  5. Anthony’s avatar


    Much nicer than a roast I think.

    Actually this one came with a bit of rib still attached which made it look like a ginat lamb chop. Unfortunately I had to share it so I only got half.
    Fillet is getting expensive but it seems to be getting tastier, so I buy smaller amounts and kind of maintain the same sense of value.

  6. Garrett’s avatar

    Sounds totally yumtastic and uber-decadent. I would take a crack at making it, but darn it, I just ran out of goose fat.

  7. David’s avatar

    Can you please send one of those over here. Delicious!

  8. Anna’s avatar

    i love the idea of cooking in fat. goose, duck, pork – all good. i often stare at the tins of goose and duck fat and dream of what confit and rillettes i could create. maybe it’s time to stop dreaming and start rendering.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh gawn make yer own David.

    Hmmm 3D pork rendering – lots of fun rendering duck fat from all the fatty bits. Actually I like how in Japan they give you a small cube of tallow with your steak at the butchers.

  10. Yorkshire Soul’s avatar

    Oh yes, break out the big Shiraz.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Best be quick, they’re not so big these days.

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