Daddy, what does regret mean?
Well son, the funny thing about regret is,
It’s better to regret something you have done,
Than to regret something you haven’t done.
And by the way, if you see your mom this weekend,
Be sure and tell her, SATAN, SATAN, SATAN!!!

Sweatloaf. And from sweatloaf to meatloaf and from meatloaf to meatcake and from meatcake to, well it stopped there. A kilo of meat plus odds and ends was a bit much for my loaf tins so I thought I’d use my German cake tin that I’ve used for everything but german cakes – I’ve also used a camp (oooh I say) oven to catch sump oil and an eggbeater to impersonate a Dalek. Can’t remember its exact name, it’s kind of like a bundt cake tin but without the hole, which in itself is a kind of structural double negative – the absence of the presence of an absence. Regrettably, meatloaf both shrinks and, funnily enough, sweats when cooking, so there’s no ornate detailing of meat for you to marvel at. Ideally, you’d need a kind of meat that expands with heat and then contracts with cooling for easy removal. One for the boffins.

I make a good meatloaf and this is based upon scribbling down a recipe 15 years ago. The use of cream is the kicker but I was surprised how parsimoinous the herb amounts are. A tablespoon of fresh parsley, half a teaspoon of thyme and chilli powder – all in 1.5kg of meat. This is the princess and the pea territory.

500gm of beef mince, 500gm of pork mince, 1 cup of breadcrumbs, 1 onion and two cloves of garlic – finely chopped and sauteed, 1 cup of cream, 2 tbs of parsely, 1 tbs of basil, 1 tbs of thyme, splash of tabasco, and freshly ground pepper.

Mix it all together and place in a lightly greased hole-less bundt cake tin and pack tight. I’ve also placed two whole boiled eggs and some small button mushrooms for extra effect. Smooth over, place a couple of bay leaves on top, and cover with strips of bacon. Place in the baking tray filled with hot water and cook in a 180C oven for 90 minutes.

Serve with a creamy mushroom sauce and decorate with baby zucchini to resemble an ahm creamy corolla.

Delightful. And surplus amounts allow for that most excellent of treats, the cold meatloaf sandwich.


  1. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    I love meatloaf- I haven’t cooked 1 in ages – but this looks fabulous & I especially like the egg and the zucchini to go with it – awesome. So I am curious about the mixture of pork and beef mince, what effect does the blending of the 2 have, Anthony?

  2. Santos’s avatar

    ANTHONY, NOW REALLY. given the title of the album on which “sweetloaf” appears, i’d rather not have images of minced meat added to the mix, thankyewverrramuch.

    (well done, really. nice loaf.)

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks and a top question.
    Imagine a steak, imagine a sausage next to it, on top of the sausage is bacon, next to the bacon is an egg, just to the side are some mushrooms and next to the mushrooms, some toast. All is unity.

    Oh I don’t know, the former Emperor of Japan was quite fond of locusts. Clowns and small dogs though – no thanks!

  4. Stephanie’s avatar

    Ok…the meatcake kind of made my stomach turn.

    But…you used my favorite word in the whole entire universe; parsimoinous, so all’s well!

  5. Jeanne’s avatar

    I gotta say, Spicey, it ain’t gorgeous… But then many of my tastiest meals have been less-than-supermodels! You have reminded me of how much I like meatloaf – now if only the weather can cool down to slightly below 30C, I can even feel inspired to cook something warm!

  6. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Well I love its retro sci-fi resemblance to a space ship – even the egg looks like a little ovoid alien staring out…don’t tell me…I need to get out more ;}}

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    That’s very perspicacious of you.

    Indeed, it’s near inpossible to get super-models into my basement for later eating.

    What? And be easy prey for the egg people and their intergalactic meatships?

  8. Zoe’s avatar

    Can you put a dalek impersonation on YouTube?

    And did you know you can do an excellent koala using only a tablespoon? I didn’t think so.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Hello Zoe
    The bacon bit was from the terrine recipe you sent, so a tip of the hat.

    I’d have to work out some way of putting it on YouTube while hiding behind the sofa.

    Yes I did. Used it to distract the Japanese in Kokoda ’43

  10. Chubby Hubby’s avatar

    Hey Anthony, I can’t decide if your sweatloaf is really terrifying or if it’s really exciting. :-) Either way, I’d love a slice.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    That’s it in one terrifying and exciting and kinda woozy in a merry-go-round-way. Only in mine I didn’t get to do Black Sabbath.
    If there was a slice, you could have it.

  12. Ellie’s avatar

    Fantastic! I’ve never made or eaten meatloaf, but that looks so fantastic that I’ll have to make it for my next dinner party! I think it’d probably make a great table centrepiece, as well as being a bit of a conversation starter ;)

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    A centrepiece is a fabulous idea. Just leave it there and give the guests splades and they can just pick at it over the course of the dinner.

  14. Lady Lunchalot’s avatar

    And from meatcake to … BEEFCAKE! I love putting whole eggs inside meatloaf. It makes the plate look so sunny and happy, and gives the meal a healthy dash of nanna-kitsch. I alst made meatloaf about a year ago for a buffet that fed about 40 people. After the lasagne, it was the first thing to go.

    Will definitely try it with pork to give it a dash of French charcuterie flair. Would this make it gâteau de porc?

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    More for cheesecake meself but I can see what you mean.
    Yes eggs little bursts of sunshine – here’s a previous eggy effort –
    spiceblog: Terrine de m�re et de fille

    Nice idea for a buffet or even just a do it yourself sandwich day.

    The pork does add a bit of magic as does gâteau de porc.

  16. LAYGO’s avatar

    This is going to sound crazy . . . but not.

    Can I get a hi-res image of your Sweatloaf? I want to use it as a poster for my band . . . called . . . SWEATLOAF! :)

    We’re a Butthole Surfers tribute band and like using kooky images for poster artwork, what better than an actual sweatloaf, but not the inedible kind.

    Please be so kind to email the image if possible:

  17. LAYGO’s avatar

    I guess I should show you the results of allowing us use of your image! ;)

    As a logo:

    O our recent poster for a show that went fantastic. People were taking the poster with them:

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