Backstrap lamb with sherry and saffron sauce with eggless quiche lorraine and roasted tomatoes

lamb with tart

Yeah sorry not the best pic but hasn’t it been a while? A brief respite while the mag pops into a bit of a canter. Lamb backstrap, don’t know exactly which cut it is but it’s great – looks like a giant tongue.

Lamb backstrap rubbed down with olive oil and ras al hanout and left for thirty minutes. Seared in a cast iron pan on both sides. Popped in the oven to cook through – a mere 8 minutes, it could have almost made it in the pan. Rested, sliced.

Deglazed the pan with Manzanilla Deliciosa sherry, add a little beef stock, reduce, add cream, reduce and add a few strands of saffron.

The spinach tarts came about because of some short pastry in the freezer. Blind bake, For the filling – gently sauteed garlic, pine nuts, and torn prosciutto with blanched and finely chopped english spinach then added and cooked in a little butter. Mix in a little cream and add to the tart shells and cook for 8 minutes.

Tomatoes oven-roasted with olive oil.

That’s it – extremely good. Mental note of dark plate with light sauce.

Cocoa sabayon and berries for sweets.


  1. Ellie’s avatar

    Sounds delicious – that backstrap looks done to perfection, just cooked but still melt-in-the-mouth tender :)

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Ooh ta! It looked lean but was surprisingly juicy. Much better value than chops or loins.

  3. Jeanne’s avatar

    Mmmmm, that sauce with barely-cooked lamb sounds heavenly. Still waiting in hope that one day I’ll be invited to dinner at yours – by the sound of things it will be worth the plane ticket!! Friday we had friends round & did pork fillet on the BBQ stuffed with sage & pear, plus caprese and creamy potato bake. And cherry clafoutis for after. Mmmmmm.

  4. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I don’t normally eat lamb, but I’d eat some of that…just as long as it wasn’t too rare.

  5. keiko’s avatar

    Anthony, this looks so good and I especially like the sound of eggless quiche lorraine :)

    Hope all is well.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh you’re most definately invited, you just have to get here. Shame Pereth couldn’t be a bit more centrally located to anywhere else other than the rest of Perth.
    Cherry clafoutis is definitely on my to do list.

    I could do yours a bit longer in the pan, but not well done. No.
    Any sheep on Hawaii or too hot?

    It went well and excpet for the tarts, it’s somthing that could be cooked in no time. Hmm yes the eggless quiche lorraine – for ermmm porco-vegetarians. Actually speaking of which, I made a meatless burger tonight which was odd for me.

    Well but busy.

  7. Gracianne’s avatar

    Lamb and has el hanout go so well together, a long time friendship. I also like your non-quiche lorraine, it looks and sounds delicious.

  8. Vic’s avatar

    Looks Fab Devo… must say I’m very glad that the meatcake is not the opening anymore just the name seemed ‘Springfield USA’; cake and meat just aren’t a pair.

    Going to give that lamb a go… but this naive Humpty Doo-ian doesn’t know what ras al hanout is?

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Gracianne
    They do don’t they, and not one of those high maintenance demanding friendships either.
    It is the perfect thing for when you’re out of eggs and just happen to have some pastry.

    Hey Vic
    How about cake meat?
    Ras al Hanout is a Moroccan spice mix that translates roughly as “pick of the market”. Should be available in a fancy food shop if not, and if you happen to be related in some way to my wife, I’ll send you some.
    It’s fantastic in mashed sweet potato too.

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