Because it doesn’t hurt to ask

The bureau

Could someone do me a favour and send me an mp3 of Bureau’s “Only for Sheep”. It’d cheer me up immensely.
spiceblog at the g thingy for mail.

and go give some money to Médecins Sans Frontières or something.

In:Many thanks to a Ms. G.Banana of Guam for sending in said tasty ska pastiche.


  1. mons’s avatar

    baaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaa
    hey is it a ram? its hard to tell I cant see any big knackers.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    No pointy things on the head so, no.

  3. mons’s avatar

    .. it could have been a poll ram they dont have horns.
    No horns,yet they still have masshive kowabungers.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Ooh that was always my Dad’s trick question

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