Spice Magazine Spring Issue

spring spice

Spice Spring is out and it is arguably the best Spice ever. Frankly it’s a stonking good read and damnably good looking with pastry stuff and things on cheese, pics of cars and bikes, ill conceived pic of editor, at least four sentences which only make any sense to me, bananas, butterflied pigs and so much much more. Go get one, get two even. Tell your friends. Subscribe!

Available at good newsagents or Fresh Provisions (Mt Lawley), Sealanes (Freo), Kakulas Sister (Freo), Wine Liasons (Freo), The Home Provedore (Freo), O2H (Nedlands), The Grocer (Nedlands), Lady Kitchener (Claremont), Black Duck Pantry (Albany), Blackwood Kitchen (Bridgetown), Seashack (Esperance), Get Stuffed Olive Company (Gingin), Loose Produce (Como), Margaret Riviera (Cowaramup), Picobello Patisserie (Bicton), Swansea Street Markets (East Vic Park), Gourmet Centro (Subiaco), Vanilla (Fremantle), Angelo Street Markets (South Perth), and Food for Me (East Vic Park), Kitchen Warehouse (Osborne Park), Margaret River Venison (Cowaramup)


  1. teddlesruss’s avatar

    Excellent! Ummm Anthony any chance there is an issue 1 and 2 anywhere floating around for sale? I decided I might collect them, I can probably get iss. 2 somewhere but every place I’ve looked iss. 1 is absent.

    And on other news on the publishing front, guess whose diet book has just sold it’s first ever copy online? YEEEHHAAARRR!!! I skipped the traditional publishers and went all online all electronic and that was a sale after just one week of publication. Love that Internet!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Ted. Congratulations on getting it out there and up there. Hope it goes well with the CSIRO.

    I’ll see what I can do, I’d hate to think you couldn’t get the whole set. Maybe we should sell a special spice magazine binder or something.

  3. Ricardo’s avatar

    any chance of a deal with a distributor in the UK? Would love to read it!

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah cheers Ricardo but still baby steps at the moment. I’d love to distribute to the UK and get the balance of trade working on all the British mags I’ve bought over the years.
    [puts marketing cap on] we do however have subscriptions at competitive ratesavailable for folks overseas, just mail me.

  5. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    Just got my hands on the magazine, and what great job. The Ragged Robin at York is in it! I’m baking the vegan date, fig and millet loaf from the Manna Wholefoods segment. Lots of lovely tarts ideas to try out:)

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Great to hear from you, I thought you’d disappeared forever. Very happy a foodlover like yourself likes it. The date and fig loaves are really tasty

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