Trout and the State of play of the Cash free Economy

trout bound in pink

Four caught trout given to me by a friend on return from a trip down south, wrapped in silicone ties sent to me by a Flickr friend in California in return for sending a song with the same name as her by a Japanese punk band which was downloaded by shareware from somebody with that particular song on their computer somewhere. Eaten with friends who bought beer and wine while we faffed around with a guitar that had been given to me in Japan with a distortion pedal that my brother in law loaned to me when I had birthday breakfast with my Dad who had given me two boning knives previously, one of which I gave to our guests at the end of the evening.


Trout rubbed with ras al hanout and stuffed with almond, date and orange couscous. Served with an orange and fennel salad, and kipfler potatoes with fennel and mustard mayonnaise.

And speaking of good stuff, Chika reviews my ahmmm house さようなら、おうちレストラン. Kind of like Hello! magazine but not naff.



  1. Ellie’s avatar

    I’m envious of the trout…but is it wrong of me to be more envious of those silicone straps you have? Must journey to my local kitchen goods store tomorrow.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    You must remove the envy in your heart and replace it with love. Then you may have all the treasures of the world. Ooh treasure, arrrrrrrrrrrr, arrrrrr me hearties!

  3. ilingc’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,
    Nice trout, nice house and nice mag :)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Arrrr they be kind words me hearty. Tis lucky I’ve a scurvy ship or I’d be the smuggest cove on the Barbary coast.

  5. deborah’s avatar

    i love everything about this meal… especially the stuffing!

    aaahh… gifts that keep on giving. i likey. do you get to use those silicone ties for other things like lamb!?!

    i love all the photos chicka took of your place… ‘suppose i better go back and tell her that too :)

  6. Gracianne’s avatar

    They do look pretty with their necklaces! I’ll have a nice virtual glass of Guerrouane grey wine in their honor.

  7. chika’s avatar

    certainly, there were appearances of celebrities, but no gossips though! I got quite a few raves about your cooking and house, and some were actually very interested in trying to reproduce the pasta with beet root pesto and lamb! Any useful tips from the chef?

    almond-date-orange couscous-stuffed trout? very intriguing, too…

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hi Gracianne
    Yes I’ve always found chokers very fetching. Grey wine!?

    Hi Chika
    Cheers for the kind write up and the great pics – you made me want to visit me.
    I realise I started blogging because I have a terriible memory and couldn’t remebember how the pasta got to be purple. I think I just made a normal pesto with olive oil, parmesan, garlic and pine nuts and then added finely grated (oroshi) beetroot. I don’t think I added any basil.
    The date and orange I nicked from Jackson’s restaurant (and the fennel salad) but added almonds for crunchiness and because trout almondine is a big classic.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmm that was me.

  10. Robert’s avatar

    Now I know why Google’s Japanese-to-English translation tool is still in beta… Interesting nonetheless.

  11. Jeanne’s avatar

    Mmmmm, trout. I have a great recipe for doing whole trout en papilotte with olives (I kid you not) Yours looks fab & the stuffing reminds me a little of the orange butter and onion stuffing I used with whole mackerel the other day. Whole fish rocks. And I’ve also recently discovered fennel, courtesy of my Italian sister-in-law.

    I Loved Chika’s pics of your place – frangipane tree!!! Homesick!!! You lucky sod. Really have to make a plan to pop in sometime ;-)

  12. Ellie’s avatar

    Egads! I completely forgot about International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Glad to see others didn’t fail to do the day justice!

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    No it’s fine, Japanese is really like that.

    Ooh orange and mackeral, lovely combo. It’s a bit of a treat a whole fish and the fishhead and bones reminds me of Topcat.
    Any time, I’ll probably just be on the sofa.

    It’s my favourite religious festival

  14. Gracianne’s avatar

    Guerrouane gris (grey) is a lightly tinted wine produced in Morroco, between a white and a rose, but closer to a fruity white in taste, very nice with grilled fish.

  15. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hows about a Steve Irwin Memorial dish?
    Something with scallops perhaps?

  16. blimpa’s avatar

    i’m famous!! *thump*

  17. Anonymous’s avatar

    Sounds lovely but I’m a bit wined out today, had a few last night at a wine awards.

    That’s a beautiful idea. Deadly live scallops.

    You’re kindness thank you for the ties and you already had a Japanese punk song named after you, I all I got was a crappy prince in a comic called Candy Candy (wasn’t even any superfly brothers being turned to Jesus).

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