The Spiceblog Good Grooming Guide

Just in case anybody was going to go to the trouble of digging out their Dinner Jacket that was last seen having rum and coke poured on it at the 1992 Muresk Agricultural College Bachelor and Spinster’s Ball – Lounge Suit.

Well bugger me.


  1. Stephanie’s avatar


    Where I come from, a ‘lounge suit’ means something made from polyester, and hidden in your closet since the late 1970’s.

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    I think you’re thinking of the repressed homosexual action man doll I had as a kid.

  3. kelly damion’s avatar

    this is really stupid your not even talking abut good grooming

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh dear. Here you go. And I hear apostrophes are going to be big this season.

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