A Suggested Quick Marinade for Lamb

lamb rack

Rosemary, fresh red chili, anchovy, capers, garlic, and olive oil. Chopped and given a once over in a mortar and pestle.

It’s actually very good, adjust amounts accordingly to your tastes. Lamb gets seared, finished in a hot oven and sliced. Served on a bed of couscous, not an actual bed.

List of Kitchen Stuff Used
Non-stick frying pan – for searing the lamb rack. Roasting pan for lamb. Two chopping boards – one for raw meat. Chef’s knife – for chopping. Boning Knife – for carving. Ceramic knife- for the butter. Two small stainless steel bain marie tins – for chopped ingredients. Orange zester. Saucepan – for couscous. Bowl – for scraps. Fork – for fluffing.

No particular reason, just seemed quite a few things.

Quick restaurant review
Riverbank Estate Winery in the Swan Valley for lunch. Makes a lot of sense. Fabulous food, chef’s great, and you pay cellar door prices for their wine. Green space, sunshine, turkeys and ducks – have a look.

riverbank tasting plate

Photo review
Top photo has distracting motion blur from low light. Bottom picture is too cold and needs to be colour balanced.

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  1. Santos’s avatar

    motion blue from still alive lamb loin struggling to break free. weird, always think of nikons as naturally defaulting to a warmer, orangey tone, but rather like the bluesiness of that one.

    do you get to eat the turkeys and ducks?

  2. Santos’s avatar

    oops motion blur. ocean blue.

  3. Gracianne’s avatar

    Uhmmm, tasty!
    I never knew a ceramic knife was needed for the butter.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    I liked motion blue.
    I’ve got a bit of messing around to do on the couor balance on my screen, but the Nikon does have a White Balance calibrating feature,w ere I more diligent.

    Come Christmas time, I might have to sneak over there with my hessian sack.


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