Slightly disturbing looking Steak on White Bean Gazpacho

steak and asparagus on white bean gazpacho
Tasty though. Organic sirloin. Mushroom sauce (again! but with white wine instead). On a white bean gazpacho. What’s the recipe for white bean gazpacho? You’ll just have to read this Summer’s edition of Spice magazine – out in December [was that a good plug?]

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  1. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah I thought so too. It’s like the typewriter in Naked Lunch.

  2. Ed Charles’s avatar

    At least you’re not baking brown cow pats.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Well who’s to say I ain’t

  4. Robert’s avatar

    Sheesh, is it that time of year already?

    We have given some friends of ours a subscription to Spice as a housewarming gift. It was well received. You should be pushing gift subscriptions for Christmas…

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Yes I know, the horror.

    Good thinking. I’m on to it. Cheers for subscribing as a housewarming pressie – nice idea (can you do some pro bono marketing work?)

  6. Stephanie’s avatar

    And here’s plug #2: You should definitely pick up December’s Spice Magazine.

    Spice is a seriously good mag: gorgeous photos, good writing and relevant articles. Pretty and functional.

    And Spicey doesn’t even pay me to say this stuff!

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Arrr bless your heart there Stephanie. Summer is actually looking pretty bloody good at the moment, just have to finish it.

  8. Stephanie’s avatar

    Despite watching some cheesey Christmas movie set in Australia when I was younger (it’s frakking hot, but someone insists on lighting a fire in the fireplace), I will never be entirely used to ‘Summer’ and ‘December’ showing up in the same sentence…!

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    I couldn’t get my head around it as a kid either. I used to read British comics like the Beano as a kid and it was all ooh it’s snowing for Christmas. Meanwhile it was 42degrees on the farm (and yes we had turkey)

  10. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Oh a massive idiot I am…

    as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by my own typo…

    Mmmm look at all that brownie yummy-ness, I will definitely get the mag just for this recipe – but where from, ed?

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    just the gazpacho, not for the brown stuff I’m afraid – brown food has to wait for autumn.

    And why thanks for asking, gentle reader – Spice is available at all good newsagents and selected food and kitchenware stores across Western Australia.
    I think this is our best one ever.

  12. Benn’s avatar

    It’s a white bean puree. Not a gazpacho. Otherwise that steak would be sitting at the bottom of it.

    Perhaps if you strained the puree through muslin cloth and took the liquid, now that would be a little closer..

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    I’d accept’doesn’t contain any bread’ but ‘not watery enough’, no.

  14. sandra742’s avatar

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