The Wages of Gear

Too long has spiceblog toiled under the thankless yoke of amateurism and it now enters a new age of income. Thank you Kitchen Warehouse, who asked me nicely. They’re actually my first stop on my regular Scarborough Beach Road pilgrimage of mammon. But now, thanks to the internets, you can avoid the dangers of t-boning a desperate right-turning car at Ikea and browse from the safety of your own computer. Current faves are:

an orange toaster
a very sharp knife
a rather heavy tagine

Get clicking.


  1. deborah’s avatar

    what’s wrong with ikea eh? :P

    nah, this sounds good. i clicked on the orange toaster… because it’s exactly what i need this monday morning… and there was an error.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh nothing, their meatball, chips and gravy is to die for. But Saturday morning – it’s like the drive to Baghdad aiport.

    Hmmm, working now. Click it again (and again)

  3. Zoe’s avatar

    OMG Le Crueset make a tagine? (Link broke but I went lookin’).

    And I got the super butcher to sharpen my knives today. Who would’ve thought you have to clean a steel?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah they do and in a rare moment of selflessness, I gave one to a friend as a wedding present. I’m still trying to arrive unannounced to see if it’s they put it out on the oven for my benefit.

    Lovely idea, it’s amazing how sharp proper sharpening can get knives. I”m just sneaking off to put my steel in some dettol.

  5. Gracianne’s avatar

    Ok, let’s click. But they don’t deliver to my area of the world, alas, I can’t get an orange toaster.

  6. KathyF’s avatar

    Why, I’ve been looking for an orange toaster with an intelligent heat sensor! I’ve so tired of my dumb white toaster.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahh for shame, maybe you could paint a local one.

    Don’t do it! That dumb white toaster loves you. Sure things haven’t been too special lately what with the mill closing down and all but you made a vow.

  8. Jeanne’s avatar

    Clicked (as per your instructions!) the orange toaster link, all keen to uncover the secret of how Spicey toasts all those pesky oranges… but sadly the mystery remains mysterious. The link takes you to the tagine :-(

  9. ejm’s avatar

    Jeanne, my thoughts exactly! (The link took me only to a tangerine toaster)

    So, Spiceman, whatever does one do with toasted oranges and/or tangerines? (Wheeee!)

    A tagine would be a very nice thing to have though. But postage on it must cost an arm and a leg!

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    For a busy man like myself, it pays to have juice and toast all in one easy action.

    Thanks! Actually I think it was a fix of a link that I had to fix. (if that makes any sense)

    In Australia we don’t have a word for tangerine it is referred to as “the fruit that is very much like an orange but not quite”.
    I haven’t check the exchange rates but that sounds about right.

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