The sad state of lard packaging today

the sad state of lard packaging today

– Raymond Loewy gently weeps. Its not so much economy as despair at the potential.

– Gracianne pays me a very large compliment at Un dimanche a la campagne by doing my lard based lemon meringue pie in French.

– You’ll get your money’s worth in the opening credits of Casino Royale, rest is gravy. Sad to see the optimism of the 60’s with lasers has been replaced by the naked man and a chair of the current zeitgeist.

Lingot d Argental from Lyon is as gentle and creamy a soft cheese as you could want. They’ve got some at Herdies.

– You, Me and Dupree is the best French comedy of 2006.

– I’m a complete bum. Pim nicely asked me to join Menu for Hope III and I’ve done nothing. Keep a sharp eye on it, it aims to raise a motza for the United Nation’s World Food Program and you can help.

– Van Halen’s Jump sounds surprisingly fresh thanks to a very dirty bit of background fuzz on the synth. 1984 is the only concept album to last one song. Rather than apollonian/dyonysian as the two dichotomies of our culture, I think we could learn a lot from Lee Rothian/Hagarian divisions. I think the Age of Hagar of the past six years is one the wane and welcome the waxing of Lee Roth (not literally, hairiness is part of his charm).

– hirsute means hairy, who knew?



  1. lucy tartan’s avatar

    LARD is written in a nice font, though.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmm you’re right there Lucy. It’s a smart looking truncated L base and the arched A echoes the overall shape of the word. Anyone know the font?

  3. Santos’s avatar

    i agree with lucy, it is a lovely font. so lovely i think i own it. it might be base nine and twelve, small caps; of course, that particular font was probably based on a rather more well-known font (i don’t know, but there’s a lengthy history here.)

    overall i like the packaging because it has a very “spain under the time of franco” (or in this case “italy under the time of mussolini”) spareness about it. i mean really, what more do you need to know? although ideally, i’d have a wraparound package label and put the bar code singly on the back.

    you, me, and dupree is the best french comedy of *1976*.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    I think you’ve got it there Santos and now I’ve got an urge to go out and splurge on some fonts.

    Fascist pig (fat)! It does also helpfully tell us to “cook before consumption”. Can I see a design contest coming on?

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (best movie diss ever)

  5. neil’s avatar

    I kept up until the Van Halen bit….wadidyasay? In English, please.

  6. gli scribacchini’s avatar

    Well, yes, I’m afraid I
    knew hirsute means hairy. Ladies have to shave their legs, you know ;-)
    Thanks to Gracianne, here are some contacts from Italy too. Need the recipe of some other cakes made with lard? It is traditionnal here in the Parma area. We call it Strutto. Sugna when it is extra quality. Kat degli Scribacchini

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Neil
    I can see you didn’t do Advanced Comparative VanHalen studies at the University of Rock.
    Lee Roth

    Hey Gli
    I’ve never acused a lady of being hirsute. I think I saw it once as “looking particularly hirsute” and assumed it meant finely dressed. This goes with seeing “naff suits” and assuming it meant good and spending half an hour telling someone how I thought their pants were really naff.
    I would love some recipes if you can suggest a couple but tell me, what makes a lard ‘sugna’?

  8. Gracianne’s avatar

    Santos is right, that packaging looks Italian to me, hygenic as well, an attempt at making lard look clean and innocent. You were right, it is even more boring than ours.
    I see that you have started a lard discussion with Kat. Hey Kat, you should post a picture of italian strutto and sugna. Is the packaging any better?

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Gracianne
    It’s local lard but they are an Italian family, they usually do much better on their other products.No even a picture.
    Ooh Gli is really Kat. I’d also like to see pictures of italian lard packaging.

    Any other nationalities like to show pictures of their. Lard. Germany?

  10. Santos’s avatar

    i don’t think it looks boring at all, although yes, “hygenic” comes to mind. it could almost be mistaken for a tub of ice cream. lard-flavoured.

    i think you were mistaking ‘hirsute’ for ‘hairshirt’. although i have yet to see a particularly fine hairshirt. they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

    get the naff! i’m curious as to what you’d think “natty bo” means….

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    No I still say boring, especially if the bar code is one-third of the design triptych. But yes with Gracianne, maybe it’s a ploy to conceal the guilty pleasures within.
    I think there’s a job in Guam for an ice-cream container designer with my mane on it.
    How about this is pretty close.
    Ermmmm – nicely dressed?

  12. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    I didn’t know David Lee Roth was a lady, pretty hirsute though…

  13. gli scribacchini’s avatar

    Can’t explain why but, in Italy, lard packagings use to be very simple, a white box with few informations on it, so simple you hardly see them in the fridges.
    You will find figures on the packagings only in the “pig area”, Modena, Parma and surroundings. They produce Prosciutto (italian raw ham) which means to “spare” a lot of lard. They really love lard and also use it to fry. Mostly, other Italian areas dislike lard or pretend to. People find it rustic and old fashioned as if it were greasier than butter or olive oil.
    You can also see lard packagings here looking at lardo aromatizzato and strutto
    As for sugna, someone told me it is the purest part of melted pig grease but other persons consider it a synonym for strutto.
    Please escuse my english. I badly lack practice. Kat

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Kat
    I think we can say that lard is the cinderella fat. While butter and olive oil get fancy packaging, lard’s left at home in its plain wrapping. Modena is all class – don’t they also make Ferrari’s there?
    Not sure about the new packaging though, seems to give the impression that lard os made from castles.
    My new expression is “liked strutto dressed up as sugna”
    If I could speak Italian like you speak English, I’d be a happy man.

  15. gli scribacchini’s avatar

    Yes Anthony, Ferrari toys come to earth near Modena.
    I really love your sense of humour!
    Poor forgotten, hidden pig! Kat

    ps: recipes soon coming. Cakes in the Parma area have wonderful names as Sbrisolona ;-)

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Ferrari toys come to earth near Modena.
    Why Kat, that’s a beautiful thought, it’s enough to make me give up irreligion.

    I eagerly await the Sbrisolona.

  17. FXH’s avatar

    hey – give us the fat breakdown on the Lard. trans.mono.poly.good golly miss molly.

  18. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s a lard, plain, that’s gonna fall.

  19. Kitchen Designer’s avatar

    Van Halen without David Lee Roth is like (sniff, cry)….. oh I miss him so!

    Sammy Hagar sucks.

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    !!!!!!! \m/ !!!!!!!!

    You rock, Kitchen Designer

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