Nannygai and watermelon salad

nannygai and watermelon

Just something quick that was going to involve squid but didn’t. A large toungue-like strip of nannygai was substituted and dusted in plain flour, (less) cornflour, (much less) chilli powder and (a little more) ground coriander. Ground coriander was added because it has a more interesting flavour profile than just chilli and has a hint of orange to it. The watermelon is a mix I nicked from Jackson’s of watermelon, finely chopped spanish onion, coriander leaves and mint leaves. A bit of gloss for the fish came from a hot vingarette which you can make by deglazing the pan with some wine vinegar and the some EVOO.

Nice. Although the watermelon had a bit of bought earlier in the week limpness about it which isn’t good.


Assuming you haven’t spent all your christmas dosh on spice subscriptions and on-line ordering a reminder that Menu for Hope III is on and it’s a fantastic chance to combine christmas giving (the United Nation’s World Food Program), and getting (the chance to win some fabulous food prizes – they could always be belated christmas fan).
Big Bowie fan Santos has her head around it and is offering self-enabling DIY muffins and a bento starter kit and then get over to pim’s and helen’s for the full deal. You can check on the progress at the donations page.($18,000 $26,000 so far !!!)

In the best thing for Perth since the Air Races, Matt is hosting food blog photo contest DMBLGIT. Entries close December 28th so rifle away through your November pics.


  1. Santos’s avatar

    tsk. naughty.
    boys always work it out….

    nannygai=male nanny=manny? is there any way of recrisping watermelon short of reanimation? salad sounds quite lovely, is the whole thing warm or just the fish?

    are there international subscription rates available?

  2. Matt’s avatar

    I really need to do some kind of fish appreciation course… beyond tuna and salmon and ‘white’, I am buggered.

    Salad sounds tasty…hopefully Jackson’s don’t want it back any time soon.

    Cheers for the reminder, we are slowly picking up steam with dmblgit entries. Hoping to make it to Mach 3 before the end of the month.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    I think half the Tory party consists of nannygais.
    A dead watermelon is a dead watermelon (though I guess you could deep fry it).
    Just the fish, madam.
    Why yes there are. Currently for four issues (air mail):

    Asia/Pacific $66
    USA/Canada/Middle East $75
    Rest of the World $86

    contact is subs [at] spicemagazineDOTcomDOTau

    [plug] Marg Johnston explains categories of fish and what to do with them nicely in Summer as well as offering local alternative[/plug] or I’ve always found the Western Angler Second Simple Seafood cookbook really handy for WA seafood.
    They don’t know where I live so I’m keeping it.
    Toot toot wooh wooh!

  4. Gracianne’s avatar

    No nannigay here, but we’ll adapt to another fish. It looks really fresh and tasty.
    Fried dead watermelon, please no!

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s from 400km away which actually counts as local here. Any inoffensive firm white-fleshed fish will work.
    You eat fried dead chicken, no?

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