A Moulinex Christmas


This was given to me by Carita’s mum. I’ve only met her once but she was lovely enough to remember that I loved her crock pots and thought that I might like this. I did and I do. It’s got a heap of nifty attachments but my fave is the meat grinder, all I need is a sausage attachment and I’m set.
Which just makes me think… at this time of year it may seem like you’re being stuffed into a chute, torn apart in an auger and stuffed through small holes but there’s a lot of love out there this time of year, and if you’re lucky, you might just make some sausages.
And on that Christmas thought, whether you’re having a big family do, a bottle of booze at the beach or on the sofa, or just trying to get that office lady your co-workers set you up with off to a love hotel before the last train, have a lovely one. Thanks to all those who have called in here over the year – it’s been a pleasure. I’ve made and kept some lovely friends over the year (and ahmm I’ll be writing over the holidays) thanks t’ blogging and thanks also for your support for my move into the world of tree-based publishing.
Cheers all


  1. Gracianne’s avatar

    Hey, my Mum had the same. It lasted for years until she moved to something fancier. Glad this one found a caring owner.
    Thanks to you Anthony, I started my blog last year, and I must say I had a year of fun and lovely relationship with like-minded people.
    Have a nice sunny Christmas. I’ll be making a toast of champagne to you.

  2. Santos’s avatar

    ah, yer a soft sausage ’round the hols, aren’t ya? happy christmas to you and yours….

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    I tried making sausages out of kangaroo mince with a Braun chopper. Any idea how to get the meat tasting juicy instead of cardboard? Anyway, have a good Christmas!

  4. fluffy’s avatar

    this one looks quite complete (original packaging!) if you want the sausage mincer.

    merry xmas to you!

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    Dearest Anthony
    Merry Xmas from myself and all the ladies at the nursing home, and happiest of New Years.
    PS I hope your reference to sausage above is in no way a sexual innuendo.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    I think it’s a classic. A salut to you from the the beach

    It’s the heat. Filis Pasgua!

    Kangaroo meat is very lean so the solution is fatty fat fat. Merry Christas to you too.

    It’s the very same thing – the Jeanette 3 with all the bits. Happy Hanukkah

    A very warm greetings to you and the ladies. Any excurions planned?
    PS no, the sexual innuendo was ‘auger’

  7. Robert’s avatar

    Who’s the poor bugger that fell afoul of the mincer?

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    A happy Christmas to you and yours, Anthony. Many is the merry cackle I have uttered over your excellent comments at LP, and the food blogging here is fab. I look forward to more of both in the New Year.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Robert
    This dude on this show.

    Hi Pav
    [blush] many thinks for your kindly words. My comments are merely the tricycle on a bar that trails the bicycle of smarties of folks like yourself. Here’s to a decent grammar stoush in ’06.

  10. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Merry Christmas Spicee, thanks for all the fish.

    2 Min Noodler – I use roo meat frequently – the shop bought snags are v dry too, but I think – if 1 can run to the expense, the fillets should provide a more tender and moist snag in comparison with other cuts, otherwise I’d try using something helpful, perhaps another meat, cashews or pinenuts, vegies,dried fruit or cheeses etc, to mix in with it?

  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    ooh that man must’ve been a very bad bad man!

    happy christmas and happy holidays anthony.

    ps. you write funny. just kidding.. no really, you’re a funny bloke that makes good good food. that’s what keeps us coming back for more (well.. i speak for myself anyway!)


  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Maggy
    kee kee kee ark ark ark [jumps onto boat crushing tourist] too

    Lovely advice there on the roo meat.

    Happy holidays to you too. Yes he was a bad bad bad man and he won’t be bothering anyone anytime soon.

    I’d actually always wanted to be a good good bloke that made funny food but that’s what happens.

    Cheers too

  13. Reid’s avatar


    Happy Holidays to both you and Toni! I’m trying to make it to Sydney next July. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come and visit you in Perth.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Reid
    Happy holidays to you too.
    You’d better come and visit or it’s the Moulinex for you.

  15. Omar Cruz’s avatar

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