A large piece of meat

flintstone steak



  1. Jeanne’s avatar

    From the title, I was sure you had started advertising Viagra on your blog… :o)

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    oi! I got in trouble for that at dinner

  3. Jeanne’s avatar

    Not at my table you wouldn’t! But then… that’s the kind of dinner party I have :o)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahhh bonus!

  5. Yorkshire Soul’s avatar

    Oh yes, some days you really just need a large lump of rare grilled animal flesh, sooo good.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    So true. There are just days when only a nice big steak will do. This was for the benefit of a friend who’d been staying with her vegetarian parents.

  7. GoAwayPlease’s avatar

    Hi Anthony, I followed your Jackie Wilson comment at LaFlatus Rodeo to say that one of my fave blogsSpread The Good Word has some old Jackie Wilson to download. You will be glad you followed the link.
    I agree with your Barnesy remark totally.

  8. GoAwayPlease’s avatar

    just folowed my link to check that it worked, and copied a bit while i was there –

    “It’s Jackie Time !
    Yeah, he began singing at an early age. In his early teens Jackie “Sonny” Wilson formed a quartet, the Ever Ready Gospel Singers Group, which became a popular feature of churches in the area. Jackie wasn’t religious, he just loved to sing and the cash came in handy for the cheap wine which he drank from the age of nine. After dropping out of high school, Wilson began performing at local clubs.
    He was discovered at a talent show by Johnny Otis in 1951. He was a natural tenor who sang with the graceful control of Sam Cooke and moved with the frenzied dynamism of James Brown. With all the flair and finesse at his disposal, Wilson routinely drove audiences to the brink of hysteria!
    He joined Billy Ward and His Dominoes as lead singer in 1953, replacing Clyde McPhatter when the latter left to join the Drifters.
    Wilson launched his solo career in 1958 with the singles “Reet Petite” and “To Be Loved,” both written for him by a pre-Motown Berry Gordy, Jr.
    From 1958 to 1968, Wilson amassed two dozen Top Forty singles, all released on the Brunswick label!
    Wilson remained hospitalized for more than eight years after he suffered a stroke that plunged him into a coma ,until his death in 1984.
    He was indeed one of the goods.

    Jackie Wilson:
    * Squeeze Her, Tease Her
    * I’ll Be Satisfied *
    * Years From Now *

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    ooh nice link, you were right.

    Lets have moment for Jackie Wilson… and that’s not Dexies moment.

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