Some salad

quail salad


  1. Santos’s avatar

    i’d be interested to see how people interpret the punctuation for this.

    some salad?
    some salad!
    some salad
    some “salad”

  2. Jeanne’s avatar

    So me’s a lad

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    dalas emos!


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    We’re “IDEOLOGY” and we’re Acoustic post punk/Emo Band from Dallas Texas…wait come back!

  5. Best Australian Hotels’s avatar


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  6. Santos’s avatar

    wow, that was so not dallas emo. but then again, that dallas emo band is so not dallas emo either.

    however, congratulations!

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    The buildings, they speak to you too Santos?

  8. Santos’s avatar

    it’s amazing how in tune to concrete i am.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    I once had a mezzanine say I kinda rocked.

  10. Santos’s avatar

    i once had a rock say i kinda mezzanined.

  11. Gracianne’s avatar

    Some quail salad!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey where’d my comment go. Sorry about that.

  13. Anonymous’s avatar

    this really looks yummy no doubt about it.. :)”

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