Apple Mousse

Ooooh isn’t it nice and green. This is part of dessert recipe by Neal Jackson that’s going in the mag. This particular pic isn’t because I did shot glasses last time (as pics, not drinking vessels). A few things:
Food styling breaks my heart. I suspect it may be because I’m not that good at it and give up in a gah! of hamfistedness. I feel like King Kong adjusting Jessica Lange’s dress. If anybody has got a book on dessert decorating they can recommend….
The recipe itself is a great example to how complexity can be generated out of a few elements. Were you to find yourself trapped in a kitchen (I’m not sure how – blizzard maybe, surrounded by light-sensitive mutant albinos) with a large bag of apples, sugar, flour, eggs, butter, cream, a bottle of calvados and a few sticks of gelatine. Out of this you make apple and calvados jelly, glazed poached apple, apple glaze, and an apple mousse with sponge cake that combines egg yolks, apple puree, apple juice, whipped cream and egg whites.
Taking the most part of a Friday evening, I’d suggest going to see a band instead or something, maybe leave it for an afternoon perhaps.
Bugger me if it isn’t tasty though.

*And if you find yourself trapped in a garage with a guitar and a practice amp – twelve bar blues baby! Tonic, Sub-dominant, Dominant. 1 4 5. D G A; E A B; A D E… Why didn’t I think of this before?


  1. Matt’s avatar

    I know exactly what you mean about the king kong fingers… my food styling efforts currently extend to wiping the plates before I send them out, anything beyond that defies me.

    I commend your efforts with this one though… looks fantastic, and I will definitely be picking up a copy of the next issue to find the recipe, and not just because one of my photos sneaked in for some advertising… yikes !

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    manthattoastswellwithkingkongfingers please send me message at I have a blog question

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Matt
    Ahh the wipe.

    The recipe is a killer and very adaptable, though it’s a bit nervy representing someone else’s work – I was scratching my chin thinking ‘that jelly cube’s not straight’.

    I did notice you had your pic on the WABA ad, and fine pic it is too. I’ll have to pick up a copy of the mag.

    What am I, chopped liver?

  4. TasteTV : Life Never Tasted So good’s avatar

    I just love the photo, it makes me hungry looking at it

  5. Santos’s avatar

    food styling??? seems to me that just yesterday (actually, more like the last time we all gave a flying **** which might’ve been 7 months ago), we were complaining that all the blogs were looking like magazines. now we want the magazines to look like blogs? i think not. kick out the style, bring back the jam!

    ps–there is absolutely nothing wrong with your photos. the one above is delightful. however, a little freestyling would not go amiss.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    I was raised in the blogs, and the blogs are where I’m at, but you can’t blame a blogger for tryin’

    It’s a nice piccy but it’s just sticking a knife in and wedging an apple in there. Trying to get the plate presentation going. Is freestyling when you don’t wear boxer shorts?

  7. Santos’s avatar

    sometimes all you need to do is stick a knife in it, it’s done.

    freestyling is when the apple dumpling gang becomes the sugar hill gang.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    The D O N the K N O and the rest is T T S

    Maybe stylist is a bit much. Food barber maybe.

  9. Santos’s avatar

    i’m more a food barbarian, myself.

  10. Santos’s avatar

    WWDKD? (what would don knotts do?)

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    better a food barbarian than a lewd iberian

    I’m not sure but I remember being impressed with him fixing a spacecraft with peanut butter.

    [BTW thanks tasteTV]

  12. Gracianne’s avatar

    I think I prefer barbarians and meat pictures too, but I think you are doing the stylish picture thing quite well.

  13. Jeanne’s avatar

    And what’s wrong with lewd barbarians I ask you? As secretary for the Equality for Lewd Barbarians Organisation (ELBO) I demand an instant apology and a large container of your apple mousse as a gesture of cross-cultural culinary goodwill.


  14. keiko’s avatar

    Hi Anthony – I wish I could taste this super pretty mousse (I can almost taste it from your beautiful shot though :)) love the warm colours.

    Hope all is well! kx

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    I will get you some Barbarians and Meat pictures, just have to find my loincloth.

    I think it wouldn’t hurt them to wear a tie and a jacket occasionally. Apple mousse has devolved into very sherry trifle and may have started crawling across the floor towards London.

    It’s very appley but with a nice bit of texture because of a bit of a half-hearted pureeing.
    All is busy! Monday will be well.

  16. Sarah’s avatar

    Love the feeling of King Kong- that is a great visualization and I can feel that feeling as well.

    Food presentation is almost just as important as how the food tastes. This is very important if you are presenting like you did on the blog as well. I think you did a great job at this. Practice makes perfect.

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    I should also add that being onto my umpteenth drink by this stage at dinner parties doesn’t usually help matter.

    Practice, practice. I think it’s the evidence of care and attention that makes the meal.

  18. Food’s avatar

    That looks wonderful and I bet it tastes as good as it looks.

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    It was tasty, well worth the effort.

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