Mango Pancakes

mango pancakes

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And then I go: good mango pancakes and here they are,

Follow the bouncing ball from this Curtis Stone recipe (bless him for trying to balance what’s become a $8.2billion celebrity chef trade deficit with the UK – there was a time when we made our own Rick Steins, just out of Sydney and then Australia was one of the few places to have a Nigella Lawson assembly plant outside of Europe). Just forget about the blueberries and the sugar and replace with a large mango and 1/3 of a cup or so of desiccated coconut. Makes sure you get ‘bits’ of mango to add to the pancake along with some mush, then you can puree (or mince if you like chunkier feel) the rest with some vanilla honey to out over the top along with icing sugar if you can be bothered.

That’s it. Tasty.



  1. Santos’s avatar

    does curtis have a recipe for shark? because i’d like to cook the one he jumped when he signed on for the dreckful takeaway chef series.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Can’t blame a lad for wanting to break in, he’s left the show (I think Shooting the Menu would have been better concept). He’s a nice dude though and was very kindly to a certain rookie food correspondent packing his dacks.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    i’m sure he’s a sport, there’s no other way to explain that show. food’s good too, so all the power to him.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    and they did actually cover a lot of WA despite ‘here be dragons’.

    (one of them apparently can’t surf though)

  5. polly jean’s avatar

    Hmm mangoes and pancakes – yummy. Did you chill the mango mixture before serving?

    the girl formerly known as pc ;)

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    hey tgfkapc

    Yeah yum . Didn’t chill the mango mox beforehand, should I have, is it good?

  7. Monisha’s avatar

    This is a neat twist on a traditional favorite! Looks absolutely delicious!

  8. cookies_cream’s avatar

    mango pancakes, sounds new to me as I never eaten something like that before. Normally was pancakes with honey & butter or with peanut butter. :)

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Monisha and CC

    was nice, I think I might try passionfruit next.

  10. Sarah’s avatar

    Those pancakes sound absolutly amamzing. I must try this weekend!

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    How’d they go?

  12. Anonymous’s avatar

    Jeez mate, they look like those Coles frozen burgers I used to buy as an arent you proud Mum learning to cook 18 year old.

    $4.40 for a weeks food.

    Now with added mango!

    Greetings from Sydney and Hi to Toni


  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Nic

    Now you mention it…

    I think the tricky thing was getting them apart whole frozen without snapping them

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