I just watched Chocolat

but actually preferred this. And it’s in a church, natch! I’m not sure if Josh Homme is taught to shake off his repressed feeling through the power of food by a mysterious woman or gets eaten. Given the “split pea and hand” soup in the Conan DVD I bought, strong chance of synchronicity suggests the latter. The Police are back together, is that good or bad? Either it’s a three act resolution with the second act crisis being the entire solo career of Sting; or it’s an endlessly recurring cycle.

[Yeah I know youtube is pretty slack but I’m a bit overwhelmed by having two meals in four days which comprised of 16 courses in total]

Oh yeah, I made a beef stock you can bounce a coin off.


  1. Anthony’s avatar

    My, it’s quiet here.

  2. santos.’s avatar

    qotsa leaves people speechless

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    I can usually at least muster a “Dude” and “D-tuning just rocks”

  4. Jeanne’s avatar

    About that beef stock… Quarters, anyone? Chandeliers perhaps, for the drinking game connoiseur? I challenge you!

  5. Anthony’s avatar


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