anglia manual plates

I’ve actually managed to combine my two favourite things in the world – food and outdated repair manuals. It started with seeing one of the many excellent plates of santos; the later purchase of a second-hand manual for this car; and the Spice designer also does plates with kid’s artworks.

Scanned into photoshop, contrasted, magic wanded, cut pasted,layered, opacitied, resized and then tidied up a bit. It gets printed onto special paper which is stuck onto a plate then fired and here they are.

If anyone’s got a spare copy of the 1918 Gray’s Anatomy or a manual for Hino ZM 312E, let me know.


  1. Barbara’s avatar

    Brilliant. They look great too. They could so easily look awful.

  2. bramble’s avatar

    New manthatcooks sideline? manthateatsofffancyplate.

  3. Ed’s avatar

    A horrible image of the Joy of Sex on a plate just lept into my mind. On a more postive note I could dig out something on a D-type Jag.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks! Know what you mean, this was my first design.

    easilydistractedmanthatshouldhavebetterthingstobedoingthanmakingplates or manthatbothersdesigner.

    The beard!!!!!! oooooooooh nice

  5. Robert’s avatar

    Gorgeous. Very impressive.

    You know you can get the 1918 Gray’s Anatomy online. The layout and typography is obviously missing, but all the original illustrations are there.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Cheers and thanks Rob.

    I don’t know you could get it online – off to have a good fossick.

  7. zebra factory’s avatar

    Look great! Where did you get the ‘special paper’ from? Is it just an oven process or more involved?

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    ooh ta! It’s a bit more involved than that – it’s a “special decal paper” that gets done in Melbourne,we just send off the PDF’s and then it’s fired in a kiln.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Which doesn’t tell you much – the person that does it for me is Kate Lindsay of Earlyworks (08) 9433 1694

  10. Another Outspoken Female’s avatar

    Thanks for the anatomy illustrations link. Though my mind boggles at eating off colon plates :)

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah it’s good isn’t it

    Here’s a colon platter –


  12. Neil B’s avatar

    Manuals on plates Cool ! , alternatively for certain bloke’s, you could put a map on the plate on how to find the dishwasher !

  13. zlamushka’s avatar


    I got here through your flickr pictures and I am amazed. Holy crab, you made those dishes ? Gotta tell my Tompa to make me a pair of those (sorry in advance for stealing your idea ;-)
    He is nuts about manuals and stuff alike, i ll ask him whats he got in his Pandora box (once he opens it, he can play with it for DAYZ :(

  14. peanut and planet’s avatar

    I’m also a sucker for older anatomy illustrations, especially those with a woodblock feel to them. I’ve found the NLM (National Library of Medicine) website to have a nice collection of fairly high resolution images that would be perfect for the kind of thing you’re playing around with.

    The historical anatomies online exhibit is especially nice.

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks peoples!

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