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shun cleaver

I’ve been meaning to show off my highly desirable damascan steel Shun cleaver. It’s been a torrid three month’s and I don’t want to kiss and tell but lets just say “cabbage” “all night long” of you know what I mean and I think you do. It’s a sharp metal testament to the fruits of blogging thanks to the Kitchen Warehouse ad rightwards (thank you clickers).

If any of you have been wondering what Spice magazine is actually like apart from my rambly blurbs and can’t get access to a paper copy, you can have a butchers at some sample pages here.

I was at a vertizontal tasting today (2004! 2007!) and was asked in front of a group of twenty people what I thought of a 2001 shiraz. It was a year 10 algebra what do you think x is Georgeff? moment. I think I’ve got a repertoire of 1.4 intelligent things I can say about a given wine before bouncing the question on. I’m actually pretty happy with this amount, winemaking is an enormously complex process and 1.4 is about what I deserve. The more I learn the more respect I have. That said, I was reading about a South Australian winery that named their wines after rock albums. It’s a swell idea with lots of potential – Paranoid Pinot Gris, Master of Puppets Mourvedre, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back Sem Sav and the 2003 1984.
They chose Joshua Tree.
God weeps.
Some say Gram Parsons died at Joshua Tree, I say it killed him.



  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Thanks for the link to the butchers. Not many issues of Spice I can find in Chicago and it was good to see what all this talk of Spice. Love the layouts and photography. Mark

  2. santos.’s avatar

    joshua tree used to be a quiet, sparsely populated desert town. now there’s a benihana steak house near the entrance of the joshua tree national forest. some say indie cred died at joshua tree, i say benihana of tokyo killed it.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Mark
    I swap you a magazine for some fine examples of 20th Century architecture.

    Could be worse, it could be Benny Hinn. I hate that guy.

  4. Jeanne’s avatar

    American Idiot Zinfandel? Oh no, I believe that name’s already taken by the Family Gallo.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Ooh I like it. Is that as Vicent Gallo – actor, director, musician,and grapier?

  6. santos.’s avatar

    are you hanging out with vincent gallo somewhere?

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    ummm yeah, he sends hugs

  8. santos.’s avatar

    ew. good thing i brought spray.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    ‘e needs a good scrubbin’ ‘e does.

  10. Anonymous’s avatar

    That is a very beautiful cleaver. Oooooooh yeah…

    – barista

  11. fdb’s avatar

    “That is a very beautiful cleaver. Oooooooh yeah…”

    Agreed, Barista.

    Quick question, and only cos it’s driving me nuts – black fungus or red cabbage?

    And no, this isn’t one of those “K-Fed or JT?” questions.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Yes indeed barista and fdb sometimes it’s hours of vegetable shredding frenzy, other times we just like to lie in bed and cuddle.

    It’s the red cabbage, congratulations to all viewers who answered correctly

  13. fdb’s avatar

    So, K-Fed or JT?

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Oops sorry.

    Since he did this,

  15. m’s avatar

    I’m curious to know the fate of the red cabbage.

    Red cabbage salad is one of those comfort foods for me. I still can’t make it as good as my old man and he just dumps and tastes and tweaks. Crunchy crunchy and so delicious, I probably make mine atleast twice a week.

    Cooked red cabbage? I’ll pass. Raw –bring it on. What do you do with yours?

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah I’m afraid it was cooked. In vinegar, wine, and apple juice with apples and sultanas.

    how do you do your cabbage – it makes for a killer coleslaw.

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