Spice Mountain

spice mountain

The fruit of my labour is a big pile of randomly stacked boxes. Spice Spring issue is out and details are all here. You should get one, it’s broadranginglicious

Speaking of ‘fruits of’ and ‘labour’, a tiny person is due late February.


  1. santos.’s avatar

    february? that’s an awful long time for shipping. congratulations to the three of you–tony, toni, tone :)

  2. Gracianne’s avatar

    Felicitations! To all of you, for all the fruits.

  3. Barbara’s avatar

    Baby Spice. that’s bloody brilliant Spiceman.

  4. Avatar’s avatar

    Congratulations on both your babies! This is FANTASTIC news!

  5. CW’s avatar

    Great news – congratulations! :)

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Cheers all : )

    – yeah I know nine months! we can knock out a mag in three.
    It’s very fruity around here.
    Well baby spice for the first six months or so then its old enough to look after itself.
    I think we did 12,000 mags for this issue, which makes me glad I chose printer over natural birth.

  7. Zoe’s avatar

    Your poor missus will be a Spice Mountain in summer!

    Wonderful, wonderful news. Do try and have lots of sleep and sex now though, OK?

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! Yes she will, maybe I can cover with snow and go skiing.
    Thanks! Is that at the same time or alternating?

  9. Monika N.’s avatar

    WooHoo! Mini Spice!

    Congratulations ^-^ !

  10. keiko’s avatar

    That’s wonderful news, Anthony! Please send my best wishes to Toni too, can’t wait to see your gorgeous little spice…! Take care. kx

  11. reid’s avatar


    Best of wishes and Congrats to you and Toni! Perhaps the little one will be born close to my birthday (which is also in late February)!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s tiny!
    Will do. I’ve seen the ultrasounds and to tell the truth, it’s pretty funny lookin at the moment, I hope that improves.
    Double birthday!!

  13. tokyo goat’s avatar

    weheyy!!…nice one. congrats on all fronts…

  14. umami’s avatar

    Hi Anthony, Congratulations on your two babies!!

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Mr Goat and Umami, a battle on two fronts

  16. tigtog’s avatar

    Congratulations, Anthony! Best wishes to Mrs Spice as well – what an exciting time for you both.

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks TT : ) Don’t know if it’s entirely sunk in but yes it is exciting. Will do on the best wishes and nice gravatar BTW (is that Suzie?)

  18. Jason Boudville’s avatar

    Congrats Anthony for the Spice baby (mount’o boxes) and to Toni. Micro-spice on the way in feb 08; hey they might even arrive of 29th feb that means 1 birthday party only every 4 years?!

    25% OFF LEAPLING-BIRTHDAYS: 29th Feb 08

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Jason

    And congrats on your top notch work in this issue.
    Yeah for the 29th a quarter the pressies and I don’t have to get them a car for another 68 years (I should have replaced the Volvo by then).

  20. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    The pitter patter of little feet – tch, that’s lovely Anthony(that’s going to be one well-fed baby!)

  21. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah cheers, well my respomsibilty once the recommmended breast feeding is over, which I think is 2 years at the moment.

  22. Anonymous’s avatar

    Congratulations Spicee
    well done!

  23. Anonymous’s avatar


    Another generation to teach.

    “Now, kid..

    Put down the rattle and pay attention. There are certain basics to a good cassoulet which only a fake cook will ignore…”

    – barista

  24. Anthony’s avatar

    : )

    Thank you David. I think the laws of children means that I’ll be left wondering how a child can exist only on chicken nuggets.

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