Steamed Buns and Peking Duck

steamed buns

Just because I think that a month or so is long enough for a picture of a box of broadbeans.

Here are some steamed buns I made for a dinner party a month or so. They have been on the list of things to make and haven’t been because they’ve always seemed something suspiciously white and fluffy. In Japan where they’re sold as surrogate pies in 7-11’s as nikuman they’re not unlike a meat-filled marshmallow in texture if not sweetness.

They are actually quite easy to make of you’re comfortable with making bread dough. Once risen, it’s simply a matter of rolling out rounds, filling with stuffing and then lifting up and sealing. Much less fiddly than dumpling or spring rolls. The filling is a combination of hard-boiled quail egg, some shredded slow-cooked pork hock from a Kylie Kwang recipe and [racks brains] shiitake mushroom, finely minced ginger and spring onion whites.

This recipe is the one I used for the bun dough.

With the meal was peking duck. I made the peking duck and bought the pancakes but in retrospect I would have been better just to buy the duck [does anyone else habitually type dick when they mean to type duck?] and make the pancakes. Unless you particularly like having a raw duck hanging around the house. It worked but, not enough to justify the effort and I’d happily pop down to a BBQ house and not felt I’d shirked. It’s also a nice idea to wear an apron when carving to avoid hot jets of duck fat.

Dessert was… I can’t remember. No wait it was tapioca with something. Anyway the conversation was good, the wine with fine and it finished with Guitar Hero II being dragged out. Success.

peking duck

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  1. santos.’s avatar

    i have problems with deflating dough after steaming, any suggestions how to keep it sufficiently interested in staying puffy?

    must spring for guitar hero III as the sex pistols re-recorded “anarchy in the uk” specifically for it. whoo. i don’t have a problem with the u and i but the d and f

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Norwegians used to run outside and roll in the snow before whipping eachother with birch branches. Maybe that would work.

    Whooo!Doesn’t it involve purchase of the pricey PS3 though?


  3. santos.’s avatar

    duck, really? all love for jonesy aside, i’d rather buy a wii (whee!)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    No not duck afterwards, that’s in Peking.

    I think Steve Jones would take that very personally.

    Speaking of Wii(n)- La Cucaracha, is rubbish. They were only ever as cute as their music was good.

  5. Gracianne’s avatar

    Hey, this time I understood the text (most of it), but I am lost with the comments :)
    I like the steamed buns, never tried to make them. I just buy them, and the duck as well – I make the pancakes.

  6. reid’s avatar


    I give you credit. You seriously need a lot of time on your hands to be able to whip up something like a Peking duck. (I did not seem to have an issue with the “i” or the “u”.)

  7. The Worst of Perth’s avatar

    My Chinese teacher says you can’t get good duck here, because in Beijing they are allowed to force feed the ducks to fatten them.
    I had it in Beijing and it seemed to involve a lot of people, so you have probably done the work of 5 or 6 kitchen staff.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    I know what you mean, I went back and read my broad beans post and had no idea what I was on about. It’s lucky I can cook. Comments aren’t supposed to make sense.
    I think you’d love making steamed buns.

    Ah it’s just a lot of hang-time but yeah it’s a bit like making your own hot-dog weiners.
    You’re gentleman so I’m guessing no problems with the ‘f’either

  9. reid’s avatar


    No problems at all with the ‘f’, but I do have problems with %?$@&!

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    yeah and the less said about the # word the better

  11. spider girl’s avatar

    a month was a long time..
    this is a nice post.

  12. Kate / Kajal’s avatar

    oh i love steamed buns…i make them with chicken/beef mince n oyster sauce…yum yum !

  13. Mark’s avatar

    Seems the meat was not sliced very well—the angle.

  14. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,
    I am in melbourne, and I was wondering if you are in Melbourne where you pourchased your pancakes from.
    Look forward to your response.

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