Prawn and Chicken Water

If you’re like me, you’ve probably boiled a chicken and thought ‘What am I going to do with all this chicken water?’. Well don’t chuck it out.

Mash the chopped whites of a couple of spring onions in a mortar and pestle and then add a teaspoon of cracked pepper and a couple of tablespoons of fish oil. Then add the meat of half a dozen tiger prawns and mash it lightly. Leave for ten minutes.

Chuck the prawn shells and heads into the boiling chicken water and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the shells and cook the prawn meat for a minute. Place a wedge of lime and coriander leaves in each bowl and ladle in some prawn and chicken water and serve at the start of a meal.



  1. santos.’s avatar

    i thought chicken water was the stuff you threw out after giving a chicken a bath.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    No no, I’m pretty sure that’s bath water, which is from England.

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    sorry if its a silly question but why isnt it called chicken soup?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Not at all, an excellent question anon. but I think you’ll find that soups are the round bread-like sweet or savoury breakfast treats that often contain bran or blueberries. So while a chicken soup isn’t out of the question, it’s not common.

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    oh ok
    I understand I think.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    hey, anytime!

  7. FXH’s avatar

    I’ve wracked my brains and I can’t remember a time when I’ve had a lot of left over chicken water, some tiger prawns and spring onions all just laying around at once.

    Let alone a wish to combine them.

    In fact I can’t remember a time when I’ve had two of the ingredients on hand.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    It is true. A man needs few things – a chicken, some plumbing, a seafood store, and a greengrocer but without will there will be no chicken, the tap will not turn and the spring onions will not be crushed into the prawns.

  9. Cast Iron Balcony’s avatar

    That would be nice with some noodles in it, too. Rice stick I think.

    I like cooking chicken Hainan style in just the amount of water needed to cook however much rice we are going to eat with it. The rice is fried up with ginger,garlic ‘n shit and then cooked with the chicken water.

    At least, that’s how we do it.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    It would make a good bit of substantial with some noodles in it.

    I was actually going to do that with the rice but cooked it up in chickenless water and then had a good look at the cookbook. Ended up just mixing in some stirfried basil and cashews.

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