A small person

As a believer in music as the companion of all good things in life, I’ve always been taken by Californian friend and how on the day his child was born, Beautiful Day by U2 came on the radio and he started crying. As I drove home in what would be a quick stop on the way to hospital the iPod gave me What’s Inside a Girl? by the Cramps. Three and a half hours later I found out.
It’s another girl.

seven pounds and one ounce



  1. John’s avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous. She is truly the spice of life. Regards John

  2. Barbara’s avatar

    She’s gorgeous Anthony. Congratulations to you both and welcome to parenthood.

  3. Natalie/Pixelkitty’s avatar

    congratulations to you both. Hope Mum is doing well.

    She has your hair, I see!

  4. Gracianne’s avatar

    So little and already famous.

    Congratulations to the parents, and the older sister.

  5. Jason’s avatar

    Shes so cute! like a little vanilla pod!

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Just a quick ‘thanks all’! All’s well – she burps, she farts, she poos her pants, she’s absolutely adorable and her name’s Eva.

  7. Anonymous’s avatar

    Woohoo! Adorable is an understatement. Way way beautiful. Congratulations.


  8. akatsukira’s avatar

    And one day, she’ll hold her plate up and ask for a second serving of cowboy pie…


  9. Bron’s avatar

    Aaawwww what a gorgeous little bundle! Congratulations!

  10. Francis Xavier Holden’s avatar


    I do wish parents were more thoughtful in naming kids.

    I know you like foodie stuff so it’s consistent.



    What about when she grows up?

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    I think FX has won the comments.

  12. fdb’s avatar

    “What about when she grows up?”

    I imagine she’ll meet Extra Virgin Popeye and live happily ever after.

    I guess I should say she’s cute, but I can’t really tell. Congratulations though! One thing I can say for sure is that she’s gonna eat well.

  13. Nellie’s avatar

    Congrats to you and Toni, Devo! She is a gorgeous little bundle. But wasnt she going to be Jeffanie?

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    I made a simple dinner when we came home of salmon and potato dauphinoise and all three of us sat around the table and I thought “isn’t this lovely and aren’t family dinners going to be wonderful.” And then I had these visions of long arguments over chicken nuggets. We’ll she’s exceeded all expectations of pleasantness so far so who knows.

    She is!!! I know I know about the name but you know what its like in the cold light of day after drinking a few bottles of red and getting nostalgic for the Kennett years.

  15. reid’s avatar


    I can’t believe I missed this announcement. Congratulations to both you and Toni!

  16. brettreasure’s avatar

    Congratulations Toni! Nice baby.

  17. Zoe’s avatar

    Hello Eva! Does your dad know you will all too soon spend entire weeks letting nothing but undressed pasta or vegemite fingers pass those perfect lips?

  18. flygirl’s avatar

    muchos congratulations to you both!

  19. Anonymous’s avatar

    I remember wrapping my babies up in a blanket just like that.
    She is sooo cute.
    I want another one. It would be so great if i could just get one offa ebay so i dint have to do the pegnancy thingo.
    howwver if i had a little bundle like yrs it would be sooo worth it.
    But then again the hole birth ripping thing split here split there frik what a mess. and the noise i made AGGRHHH ARRRHHHHHHHH GGRRRWWAAAAAGGGGGGG.
    i was like a animal.
    but even though ive got a stretched fanny and vivid memories of screaching like a dying peakock id do it allll again to have my babies again.

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    Reid – well you were in Hawaii at the time.

    Thanks Brett! I thought she earned it.

    Hi Zoe. Being a perosn who gets shitty if people aren;t eating their food within a minute of it hutting the table, I’ve got a lot of adjusting to do.

    The little burrito say hello

    Thanks, Toni seemed to enjoy most of the pregnancy and those are some inspring words for Mums about to give birth.

  21. Jeanne’s avatar

    OMG, I missed it!! Too busy packing for trip to South Africa at that stage, I suspect. A thousand congratulations – she’s gorgeous and the spitting image of her dad, all wrapped up in chef’s whites. Bet there’s a chequerboard nappy going on somewhere under there…! Lots of love to all three of you.

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    I know what it’s like. If I hadn’t been home at the time I might have missed it too. Thanks for the congrats! I think at day one she had chocolate ganache nappies going on there. Lots of love fgrom us.

  23. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Just incredibubble. Good gestating!

  24. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks DM!

  25. Anonymous’s avatar

    My first glimpse of the little beauty is well dated, I imagine that she is all grown up now!
    As long as you don’t read the label, the odd chicken nugget shouldn’t prove too damaging – Nate and Zai like them with a side of Nori and Miso.

  26. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah yeah, she’s at school now.
    Good enough for Nate and Zai kun, then good enough for Eva. They’ve turned out fine fellows,

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