Roast Rack of Pork

It'll Do Natural Raw Honey

Umm last week. There was a tablespoon or so of fennel seeds, a couple of cloves of garlic, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, a couple of tablespoons of Mallee honey, a few drops of Firehorse hot sauce, a tablespoon of finely chopped orange rind, and half an orange. I used one of them fancy Jamie Oliver flavour shaker thingies, which worked pretty well. First up was to crush the fennel seeds, then the garlic, then the olive oil and then add the rest.

Brush over the rack of pork and leave for an afternoon or so. Roast and baste with a mix of orange, apple and carrot juice mixed with some olive oil and honey.

Good. Really good. The sauce was mashed apple and celeriac parsnip and something else, maybe cream, quite possibly a bit of brown vinegar.

big biker bacon sarnie
enjoy, Don Cake

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  1. santos.’s avatar

    mashed apple and celeriac? when wee spicegirl moves to solids, methincks you are going to have a field day with the mixy puree magic.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Did I say celeriac? I meant parsnip.

    The rutabago and daikon puree will be a particular fave (actually did you know that of you feed them too many carrots, they go orange?)

  3. deborah’s avatar

    sounds delicious, i remember quite a nice pear mash we had with a roast pork a few years ago. wintery goodness.

  4. Gracianne’s avatar

    I like the precision in your recipes. I’ll wait for BBQ season, but I’ll definitely try that one.
    Great picture.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    ooh yeah pears. I’m really coming around to fruit-meat combos

    I know, for a while there “a bit” was my equivalent of the atomic clock. It’d go nicely on a pork chop.
    He was an interesting guy. I took a sneaky photo while he talked to Toni – that’s my secret technique.

  6. santos.’s avatar

    hey there was no cool photo when i commented. eva is going to be an excellent distraction for unknowing photo subjects.

    how many carrots is too many carrots? because i know someone who did sort of turn orange, it was creepy. it was more a withered yellow. apparently it works with canaries too. feeding carrots to canaries, not canaries to people, that is.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahh yeah, i thought the post lacked a certain something. Nice idea – I could like rifle through their handbags while they look at Eva.

    Not sure exactly but a thing a significant proportion of the little one’s diet is enough. Well worth an experiment and regards canaries – it;s a better deal than coal mines.

  8. don cake’s avatar

    I am constantly disappointed by the lack of motorcycles in your “blog”.
    Couldn’t you present your undeniably papillae-pleasing creations upon a background of the dry sump of a Triumph Rocket III, for example?

    Yours Sincerely.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Excellent point, Don. I’ll speak with the photography department but in the meantime please enjoy a bacon and egg roll with a few bikes lazing alluringly in the background. Are they gold anodized upside down front forks I see there?

  10. don cake’s avatar

    You make an old 4-valve heart very glad. You are clearly a gentleman, a scholar, and quite possibly an acrobat.

    Yours Sincerely.

  11. Francis Xavier Holden’s avatar

    I can never do recipes that say “marinate overnight” or “do etc etc 5 hours prior” – cooking is cooking – do it all sort of at once.

    I do a BBQ special of chorizos with a hot cooked chutney of sliced onions – melted not burnt cooked with sliced pears – also melted. Goes amazingly well. Fry onions and pears together.

    btw I would not want to be rifling through that old guys purse at all.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    A pleasure, Dom. Ride well.

    Yeah there are two ways of overcoming this. One is being really organised and the other is skiving off work early (or simply not working at all). I’m trying onions and pears – sounds magic.
    PS It was an Hermès Birkin bag. Serge would have.

  13. Francis Xavier Holden’s avatar

    good luck with the pears and onions.

    I find the hard brown pears best – cos they have a bit of crunch – but i’m sure others would work.

    I like to slice the pears length ways so that they are long but not too thick – not too thin. Same sort of deal with onions – not chopped – not too thick not to thin slices -rings go well.

    Lots of pears and lots of onions – it is the main vego part after all – not just a sauce. It should kind of dominate in volume with sausages – or what ever as a minor part.

    The hard part is getting the pears to melt a bit but not go mushy.

    Probably not too hard for you as you know more about cooking than me. I usually only do a bit of salt and pepper as the real thril is in the caramelisation of onions and pears and the fact that it doesnt taste how people expect. And its simple as buggery.

    I can’t remember if I stole it from somewhere or made it up.

    Let me know how it goes – you might have some ideas about something else or seasoning to add something extra. But maybe part of the appeal is the simplicity

  14. Anonymous’s avatar

    motorbikes are great!
    all that vibration ..mmmmm gets me going.
    honey is nice too.Ive got this great knob that i dip into the honey pot and mmmm nector of the gods. i love the way it slides down my throat.grrrrr
    i like pears too.

  15. don cake’s avatar


    I feel duty-bound to inquire, does Mr Anonymouse like oysters AND snails?


  16. Anonymous’s avatar

    mmmm never tried the oyster..yet would be interested to.only ever been wit a boy….
    and the snail pass, id rather eat oyster.

  17. FDB’s avatar

    Another odd confluence of our culinary rivers Anthony. Just made a So You Think You Can Dance finale roast of leg pork with pear sauce. Eating the leftovers for lunch as we speak!

  18. lady Chatterly’s avatar

    hehehee how funny

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