Tenth Anniversary Dinner

oysters and trout

Can you knock off work, get to the shops, attend to jobs like bathing child, and bang out a very respectable 10th anniversary dinner? Yes you can.

Get oysters from reputable fishmonger (shucked – unless spending that special night with a DIY stigmata is your thing).
Get a lime. Lop the ends off. Segment. And then trim off the central pith.
Buy goat’s cheese and leave to soften on the bench.
Buy reputable smoked ocean trout. (tetsuya has just got some out)
Lay evenly on a piece of glad wrap.
Spread goats cheese over it.
Place it on a bamboo sushi mat and roll. The trick is peeling the glad wrap out of the way, for obvious reasons. Place it in the fridge to chill. And then slice into rounds.

Easy – impress your friends. In fact, if you had a nice bottle of sparkling chilling in the fridge and maybe cooked a few asparagus in butter to have on the side; you’d have a pretty special meal all in itself.

carpetbagger steak

We had a bottle of 1998 shiraz (the fourth of six) so the match was a rib of aged Dandaragan Organic Beef. I stuffed this with few oysters by making a pocket with a boning knife and then sealing it with toothpick. Seared, then put in the oven to cook. Quick wine and cream jus made in pan. Zucchini flowers cooked in a little butter. Green things (radish sprouts? can’t remember) tossed with a little very good EVOO and salt and pepper. And that’s it.

Memo to me for dessert: use foil when blind baking tart shell to avoid having to dig out dried broadbeans.

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  1. santos.’s avatar


    can *i* do all that? possibly, but whose child am i bathing and whose anniversary am i catering?

    i*hhhhhhhhhhhhate* the dried broadbean embedment.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    There’s always a bottle of Bushmills celebrating a 10 year anniversary somewhere. Baby bathing is optional.

    Ah it’s not just me then.

  3. deborah’s avatar

    i better get moving quick then… 10 years coming up in december! sheesh!

    what could i swap th goats cheese with doyathink?

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    Happy anniversary Toni and Devo! Can’t believe it was 10 years ago that we made the trek from Yokohama with Neil and Hem to celebrate the happy day.
    Steak looks very special.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    You could always do the salmon in advance.
    Non-dairy swap? Maybe pesto.

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I bought a Paul Smith suit. I’m wondering which took longer – the walk from Hayama, the train ride to Narita, the flight to Perth, or gripping drive along Great Eastern Highway.
    Thanks. It was a rare treat [boom tish]

  6. Zoe’s avatar

    If more blokes could do that there’d be a lot more 11th anniversaries.

    Just a thought.

  7. santos.’s avatar

    zoe, if more blokes would do this, then i might actually hope to have a first anniversary one day.

  8. umami’s avatar


    It’s our 10th this Oct too, but as usual we’ll eat out. Any excuse eh?

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m a bum most of the time so look and learn fellers.

    So do we usually umami, but with the vagaries of a little one, the home kitchen is a little more forgiving of a 7:30 booking arriving at 8:30.

  10. Monique’s avatar

    happy anniversay

    that meal looks good..grrr

  11. What's for dinner Jill?’s avatar

    Honestly woman must have been lining up to marry you!

  12. Gracianne’s avatar

    Happy anniversary. I wish I had married a man who could cook beef stuffed with oysters, after taking care of the bath and all. I am sure he could in fact, he just doesn’t want me to get used to it ;)

  13. pope benedict xvi’s avatar

    Hey! I’m walking here, I’m walking here! CALIFORNIA! Uber Alles!
    But seriously folks… although I’m on a big Ol’ trip to the us of A, I would like to take some time out to congratulate Toni und Devo on their 10th Anno Versi. Its great! And I should know, because I’m infallable.

  14. Nellie’s avatar

    Happy 10th you two/three! I’ll make sure Nic reads this Devo, so he knows just what he has got to live up to in July.

  15. michelle @ TNS’s avatar

    whoa! i’m late to the party and i don’t know you from adam, but that gorgeous hunk of beef moves me to say “happy anniversary!”

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh hey!
    -Thanks Monique
    -last time women were lining up for me was when I nicked into the ladies portaloo at the Big Day Out
    -we’re very self selecting in our incompetencies, I can’t fold a T-shirt to save myself.
    – many thanks your Holiness. Gott Mit Uns!
    – I’m sure he’s got Simon or Tarin busy on something as we speak.
    – Madam I’m A Gorgeous Hunk of Beef

  17. Francis Xavier Holden’s avatar

    That brown trout has got a fuckin big bone poking out of it.

    just like the cook I spose.

  18. lady Chatterly’s avatar

    love it. .allthis dirrrty talk.

    hey you could put that hunkyslab of beef and its big boner up a oyster and make it humm
    im a lining up

  19. Pavlov's Cat’s avatar

    Those pinwheel thingies rock.

    *Takes notes*

  20. Christie @ fig & cherry’s avatar

    Those trout rolls are adorable! I’ve tried a similar thing with crepes, smoked salmon, cream cheese and garlic chives – yum!

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