Keith Floyd – not at all dead

First in a series of recipe cards from around the world - the souffle

Keith Floyd – he’s alive! ALIVE!! Sure we were curious as to what happened to that large boulder and were dead impressed when he offered us to pop our fingers in the wounds all the while casually emptying a couple of bottles of Pouilly Fume but really we were just happy to have him back. What we really liked about him (apart from being the only person apart from Mark Oliver Everett that can wear a bowtie and not look like a berk) was his humanity. A weakness for booze, rubbish at finances, and a deep and sincere need to be loved. He also had the improbably rock star name shared with greats such as Keith Richards, Keith Moon and Keith Urban.

So the Keith Floyd tribute dinner of Smoked Trout and Cucumber Souffle with Rice Pudding based on second-hand Cornish scuttlebutt was not so much a time for mourning but celebrating. He had, much more so than my souffle, risen. While the miracle of birth is one thing; forgetting what it was like being a kid and being genuinely surprised when you actually woke up is another; it’s to have, to lose and to get back that’s the real trick.

Here’s his Real Rice Pudding recipe – it’s simple so don’t skimp on the vanilla pod, the milk or the cream. It’s an unseemly luxury for its simplicity.

3tbs short-grain rice; 600ml full cream milk; 1 vanilla pod; 25gm caster sugar; 150ml of double cream – whipped until softly peaky

Bring all the ingredients, except for the cream, to the boil and then put in an ovenproof dish with a lid and cook at 150˚C for 2 hours. Remove the pod, allow to cool slightly and then fold in the cream.


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  1. santos.’s avatar

    it’s amazing how assertive those 3 tbsps of grain can be

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    it’s like starchy plutonium

  3. Ed’s avatar

    Nice to be reminded of Keith. Only the other day I was thumbing through White heat and there he was lurking. A friend was a Sun stringer down his neck of the woods and made a nice living exposing his love life and financial woes. He used to get invited to his weddings to. I wonder if he’s still up to all that.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    It IS – I’ll have to get White Heat and see what the Keith Floyd bit was (it’s a bit like my compulsive movies with Christoper Walken cameo DVD renting).
    It must have been the journalist equivalent of having an off-licence down the road; just popping down to get some scandal, shouldn’t be long.

    I think Floyd’s got a bistro in Phuket – can’t get into any trouble there, surely.

  5. Ed’s avatar

    It’s only a small pic and unusually he isn’t drinking but he is smoking. WH is a collectors item now and worth it. I may have to just go to Phuket and see what I can pick-up. Just Googled him and found a headline about Floyd keeling over there after drinking too much.

  6. pope benedict xvi’s avatar

    “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?”
    Bless you my son, for, like the glorious welcome I received in Terra Australis, we are reminded once more of our common bond, our common humanity. Whether we are falling upon stoney ground whilst well-refreshed or naming our child after Hitler’s wife, we are never, ever beyond God’s kingdom.
    Besides, Our Lord liked a drink.

  7. Francis Xavier Holden’s avatar

    “..whipped until softly peaky..’

    ooh ahh you are a naughty nazi Mr Mosley

  8. Anthony (another one)’s avatar

    I’ve been using a variation of Keith’s rice pudding recipe for years, and winning over people of my parents’ generation (and older) who profess a dislike of rice pudding based on their childhood experiences. It’s probably the cream etc. I think Jane Grigson, also advocating the addition of cream, wrote somewhere that ‘rice pudding, like most English food, is easily spoiled by meanness’

    It’s a bit like Mossimann’s rehabilitation of the bread-and-butter pudding, I guess

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    All too conceivable, well worth going for a look I think.

    Hello your Holiness
    Hope you enjoyed your stay and thank you, or should I say “THX”, for your text message whilst here. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the club, I hope you enjoyed the “HOTEEZ” you’d found there.
    I’m surprised you’ve got our lord speaking Jacobean English because as everyone knows, he spoke Latin. God never forgets a bargain.

    Nazism, Sado-masochism and Rice pudding – it’s the English public school experience all in one.

    Another A
    yes! The dinner table convo was mainly about how rice pudding was leftover rice with some warm milk. That Grigson quote’s a keeper.
    Good to hear about bread and butter pudding. Frankly when I heard it was last seen doing tricks in public toilets to score some smack, I knew it has to do something and soon.

  10. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    Lovable ole Floydie, the thinking foodie’s alternative to that “that’s enough about f’k’n’ you, let’s start f’k’n’ talking about me” one trick paeony, Ramsay doats an’ doazie doats.

    I once thought about setting up a culinary thoroughbred stud which had as its foundation breeding master stock, Delia Smith and Keef Floyd. Tried to get it sponsored by the Inghams, who knew a thing or a dozen about both studs and plucked produce, but it all fell through on account of Floydie, as opposed to every other white fleshed creature on earth, didn’t taste like chicken.

    Oh, well back to creating the vegetarian kebbe. (GM is my friend!)

  11. Helen’s avatar

    Ah, Keith Floyd, what an absolute legend – the original TV chef! ‘One for the pot, two for me’ and all that. A friend of mine met him recently as apparently it is very sad as now he is just as you would expect for a man who has spent his life drinking, drinking and more drinking… :(

  12. Bokashi Composting Australia’s avatar

    Does anyone know if Keith is making any appearances before Christmas 2008?

  13. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hi is currently at his french home, still trying to get well, his agent has confirmed there will be no appearances this xmas sadly.

    1. Anthony’s avatar

      it comes to us all. thank you keith and may your god go with you.

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