Where have I been?

chicken kiev

I’ve been in 70s, researching the feasibility of pine as a material for constructing kitchen cupboards. Fortunately, an eddy in the space-time continuum opened up due to the Large Hadron Collider allowed me to return to the present. Anyway they’ve got these things called Chicken Kiev and if you mash up a couple finely minced garlic cloves with some sage thyme and parsley and a splash of tabasco into some butter and then insert it into a pocket made with a boning knife in a chicken breast, then dust, egg, and crumb; brown in a pan and finish in a hot oven – then you’ll have it.
Cook the veges in any leftover garlic butter.
We’re using panko.



  1. Gracianne’s avatar

    I think we like the same things – I am using panko too.
    I have received the spring issue of Spice, thanks. Good reading as usual, it is better every time in fact.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. rod taylor’s avatar

    How did you get back to the Seventies in the first place?

  3. pope benedict xvi’s avatar

    You didn’t know Father Ernetti did you?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Panko is good, it’s fluffy. It does get betterm I went through a bunch of issues and I enjoyed it but some pages caused me pain but they’re less so.

    I pointed the bike to Mirrabooka and just went for it.

    Your holiness
    No, but I hear he had werner von braun and a case of altar wine

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    that chicken kiev looks great.
    i have found a chicken kiev recipe on the LURPAK butter website which has basil butter as a variation on your filling… the rest of the recipe is quite similar except they use corn flakes to crumb…

    30 g / 1 oz softened butter
    4 tbsp finely chopped basil leaves
    1/4 tsp salt
    freshly ground pepper
    4 chicken breasts (approx. 500 g / 1 lb)
    1 egg white
    75 g / 3 oz corn flakes


    Mix butter with basil, salt and pepper. Beat the chicken breasts with the flat side of a meat tenderiser – make them approx. 50 percent bigger. Make sure the edges are thin. Divide the basil butter in four and place on the chicken breasts. Fold the edges about 0,5 inch along both sides of each chicken breast. Then close them like an envelope. Fasten with a food needle. Beat the egg white and crush the corn flakes coarsely. Cover the chicken breasts with egg white, then with corn flakes. Make sure they are covered on all sides. Place on a baking tray with baking paper.


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    Here is the link:


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