Egg Noodles with Chilli Garlic Beef in Oyster Sauce

eggs noodles; topside steak (cut into strips); 1 red chilli (chopped); 2 dried chillies; 3 cloves garlic (finely chopped); broccolini (stalks cut up kept aside from florets); oyster sauce

Made a meal from the fridge tonight and this is what turned out.

The wok needs to be nice and hot before putting in the oil. Left it for a few minutes and then in went 2 tbs of peanut oil. Next were the two dried chillies just to get a bit of heat through the oil. Garlic and chili came after for a quick stir; then the beef and the broccolini stalks. After the beef was almost cooked, in went the florets and a liberal does of oyster sauce and stirred ’til coated. Finally, in went the egg noodles a handful at a time to stop clogging and when heated, served.

A nice bit of chille bite to it and keeping the stalks and the florets apart kept the crunchiness of both.

* Also added a splash of Chinese wine after the oyster sauce to loosen it up a bit.