Before I forget

venison pate with sourdough baguette and olives

mashed potato and hazelnut pesto with black pig prosciutto, asparagus and broad beans

duck, forest mushroom and chinese greens risotto

2002 Peacetree Cabernet Sauvignon in a Bulgarian crystal decanter

tart fine aux pommes

local cheeses with oatcakes and fennel crackers

laphroaig quarter cask with ice

Further notes:
Duck, being fatty, doesn’t really lend itself well to poaching but I thought I’d try and squeeze out a bit more stock for the risotto regardless. White wine, duck stock, peppercorns and thyme. Duck legs removed and then fried in leftover lard until crisp and then shredded. Using the soaking liquid for the mushrooms also provides additional stock.

Gabrielle Ferron’s risotto packet recommends a no-stir 15 minute technique and I have to agree to the point where I’m convinced that the whole stirring thing is an artifact of Italian patriachy.

Just the shiny green inner pods of the broadbeans. Blanched and then reheated in olive oil with some of the prosciutto. I ended up paying $10 a kilo for them because I was chatting with the farmer and he forgot to give me my change and I was too polite to ask.


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  1. Gracianne’s avatar

    An not even one picture?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahmm no. It’s a pretty lazy post isn’t it. Any suggestions for an alternative photo?

  3. a random passerby’s avatar

    how about a picture of a D2 bulldozer?

  4. Anthony’s avatar


  5. Gracianne’s avatar

    Better :)

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Avec plaisir!

  7. Francis Xavier Holden’s avatar

    I’ve done pretty good risotto in the rice cooker by just chucking in say a few softened chopped onions and bacon or whatever a bit of stock and shitloads of water.

    Certainly Ms FXH couldn’t tell the difference from lovingly stirred 30 minute stovetop slop anyway.

  8. ted nugent’s avatar

    Surely a fatty duck would be easy to poach, as it would be a piece of piss to keep it in your sights as it attempts to waddle away.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah lets just stop the whole stir the risotto thing right here FXH. 30 minutes you’ll never get back. It’s over – don’t care about coating.

    That’s true Ted. I’d imagine there’d also be a certain amount of schoolyard delight in saying ‘take that fatty!’ while doing so.

  10. Zoe’s avatar

    I come to speak in praise of black pigs.

    I think a nice pig picture would have worked too.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    kurobuta no shashin ICHI-MAI!

  12. Anthony (another one)’s avatar

    Here, here. There were always pompous declarations in the foodie press that if you didn’t stand over and stir the rice dish it wasn’t authentic risotto but something else: paella, mayhap, or pilaf. Then years ago I dropped into Enoteco Sileno, an Italian food importer in melbourne where John Portelli handed me a packet of Ferron rice and pointed out the no-stir technique. Well, I thought: Enoteco Sileno and Ferron, you can’t get more authentic than that.

    No stir with basmati rice will give you pilaf. No stir with short-grain rice (including arborio but also calasparra) cooked in a wide pan rather than a saucepan will give you paella. No stir with Ferron in a saucepan gives perfectly acceptable – nay, exquisite – risotto.

    And Ted, the fatty-duck-poach gag was a good one

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Absolutely, other anthony. Completely anti-social too, no way to spend the company of friends. Put the loving in the prep and keep it nice and breezy on the table.Could be time spent making a decent stock, for example.

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