A sauce for pasta

mosquito piggy
what a salmon and cream pasta might look like were it a pig-shaped mosquito coil burner

Olive oil, thinly sliced clove of garlic, two slices of chopped smoked salmon, juice of half a lemon, splash of sherry, finely chopped rind of a lemon and a handful of fennel leaves, 200ml of cream, and pepper. In that order in about 30 second intervals in a frypan. Mix in with linguine with parmesan cheese. Ain’t rocket science but you’ll like it.

Oh and facking right-wing Labor hacks:

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

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  1. Barbara’s avatar

    this clean feed thing is pretty scary. I hadn’t heard about it till now. Does it mean if we write F**k on our blog it will be censored. Some of my fav bloggers use the word often. Personaly I think the homes where children are at risk are many homes without computers. Such a waste of money, not to mention freedom of speech. As a parent I hate what is available to my kids on the internet but I prefer to educate them than have the government censor the internet. That’s like going into bookstores and libraries and removing objectionable material.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s the suck. If I wanted a civil liberties suppressing moral panic, I could have stuck with the Howard government.
    Quite aside from the unworkability of it all, the limited filter opt-out option is to all intents and purposes a way of announcing to the government ‘hello I’m a pervert’. Australia has a terrible history of censorship, including novels like Portnoy’s Complaint.
    Good on you for tour approach and I think most parents would agree with your approach. There seem’s to be a noisy minority of ‘Family Associations’ driving this which not only can’t trust themselves but can’t trust anyone else’s families.

  3. FDB’s avatar

    I know you’ve some fancy knives Anthony, but slicing chopped salmon?

    Colour me impressed.

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    fuck that really looks like a pig

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Good god FDB, I’ve got no idea what mean. Minutiae upon minutiae… oh wait two slices of smoked salmon, chopped (I’m still impressive, no?)

    Fucking A!! nony

  6. Anonymous’s avatar

    hey its liberating
    u should try it
    Fuckity fuckity fuckity FUCK

  7. portnoy’s avatar

    I’d also like to complain about Clean feed.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    What a boob. And by boob, I means tits.
    Sorry, knockers.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Did I say norks? I meant baps.

  10. Anonymous’s avatar




  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    Get a life Mon and go play on your own blog with all your little friends

  12. Foodista’s avatar

    Lol the comments on your blog has a life of it’s own :)Love your recipes!

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