Issue 13 of SPICE


Ooh issue 13 of SPICE – Western Australia’s only non-lifestyle magazine. Cracking cover photo by Craig Kinder of Riki Kaspi of Blakes Cafe in Mt Lawley.

I’m still riding the roller coaster of emotions in making a mag from ‘I don’t think I can do this’ to ‘ when will this issue ever be finished’ to ‘if I could just spend a few quiet days with my playstation and not think about it’ before soaring to ‘well that’s a pretty cool issue but I wish I’d done a better job on the headlines’. Like most things worth doing, it’s interminably frustrating but ultimately rewarding involving good people and a large amount of laughs.

This issue is filled with good but my particular fave is Vince’s heartfelt terror of deep frying a whole turkey going horribly wrong and that we’ve hit the magical sweet spot between Gourmet Traveller and the Countryman. You can also play ‘spot my daughter’ – it’s a bit trickier this time.

It’d be remiss of me not to suggest that a subscription would make an ace christmas present for the food lover(s) in your family and that this presents the opportunity to win a holiday for two in Mauritius, staying in the 5 star Constance Le Prince Maurice resort – wooh!


  1. santos.’s avatar

    love this cover. yes, i’ll finally subscribe. if i win the trip to mauritius (ha) can i sign it over to the sprog?

  2. Robert’s avatar

    So have you packed your bags for the audition?

  3. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    I don’t know who else in Perth has packed their bags for Masterchef. After pretending, dreaming and even electronically qualifying as one, I ought to be going :)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Santos – our operators are standing by. No – little bugger’s already going to Japan.

    Rob and 2minNC – I’m a Masterchef… in my head (and possibly in my pants but that’s a bit rude)

  5. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    What would you cook if invited to audition for Masterchef?

  6. aquaris5’s avatar

    hey anthony – although i am not a subscriber i have read the mag a few times and it is always very good.

    if you havent picked up G Locatelli’s book “Made in Italy” its worth a look. Its a great story of food with some fantastic and easy recipes as well as a really good “teaching” book on how to cook italian recipes. I cant put it down (read nearly half of it so far).

    A review of it would be a good article for a future mag perhaps.

  7. H’s avatar

    Anthony, after reading all about Riki and her cooking classes in Spice, I’ve just come across an article that states her and Heni have sold the cafe!! And I never did get around to organising to actually get to a class!

    Do you have any inside rumours on where’s she gone and what’s next????

    Tks in advance….

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Hello H
    It’s true, but I swear it’s not our fault.

    Last time I spoke to them they weren’t sure but I might try and chase it up.

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