Oyster Bar at the Beach

If you drive down the coast to the harbour city, just before you turn off is the Oyster Bar at the Beach. Best idea in Perth since the Sunday session. You can be swimming at the beach, pop your things on, climb over a two foot sand bar and there you are, drinking a beer, enjoying seafood, and listening to a DJ spinning tunes as the sun goes down. Then, after a few beers, run down to the beach, tossing clothes behind you, and into the surf to be eaten by a shark. This is perfect, a beach bar at the beach, food meets environment. How could they stuff this up?

And they have. It took us 10 minutes to order while the waitress mastered the intricacies of the cash register. I had to go up and ask where my meal was – the order had been lost. Traditional Greek salad is apparently from a time when only thing Greece had was lettuce. The barman had to look up how much a middy was. The glasses are plastic. Someone thinks the correct amount of worcestershire sauce on an oyster is a tablespoon. The keg of Bees Knees ran out and couldn’t be changed over because it was behind some stock. The only working class beer they’ve got is Carlton Draught. My mate had to become a freelance glassy and it’s expensive for what you get.

Most of this could have been put down to an unfortunate night, the flu with all the experienced staff leaving the management forced to hire staff from a modelling agency at the last minute so who knows. Staff! Food! not difficult things to sort out after dropping a few hundred thousand bucks on a place. Jeez they whinged about weekend pay loading on the menu – suck it in and cough up for some decent staff. Guh!