Scotch Fillet in a Blue Cheese and Beer Marinade

2 scotch fillet steaks; 2 tbs blue cheese; splash of beer; 1 tbs olive oil

I had something similar to this at the Belgian Beer Pub on King Street a while back and wanted to replicate it without having any idea how to do so.

First stop was beef. Porterhouse looked good again. T-bone was tempting but seemed happier with a sauce than a marinade. Scotch has always been seen as a lesser cut of meat for myself. This may be a bit of amateur etymology combined with stereotyping of scots as frugal. It’s a beautifully fatty bit of meat though and fat means flavour and meltiness. Aussie beef is lean and never looked good to top shelf Japanese beef with it’s marbling of fat which looked more like honeycomb of lard filled with meat.

I chose a King Island Centenary Blue and then wondered how to get it’s flavour into the steaks. A bit of oil was the first thought and then for the liquid I thought red wine but chose beer instead for something different. I’m brewing again tomorrow at U Brew It and needed another empty bottle or two. The cheese, the oil and the beer went into the blender. What came out was an approximation of what a yeast infection might look/smell like but it had to be tried and the mix was smeared over the steaks and left for 40 minutes.

Quickly cooked to rare on the stove top griller and served with Pommes Veronique.

It was marvelous and if I was back in my only-need-three-good-recipes-day this would have been the special occasion one.