Spicy Ginger Pork Noodles with Cashews

200gm pork fillet; half a cabbage chopped into inch squares; handful of chopped cashews; packet of egg noodles; 1/2 tbs toubanjan; splash soy sauce.

Marinade: knob of ginger finely grated; red chili- sliced; 2tbs Chinese rice wine; tbs oil.

I wanted to keep the pork fairly simple so I kept the marinade to three main ingredients. Thinly sliced the pork and left it to marinade for 20 minutes. With the wok nice and hot, added some oil, and then quickly cooked until it gained some colour. I decided to add some toubanjan to boost up the spiciness for the cabbage.

In went the cabbage and the cashews and stirred until the cabbage softened a little. Finally the noodles – microwaved for a minute- went and stirred for a minute.


Tasty. The cashews added a bit of crunch and hinted at a satay sauce that wasn’t there.