You’re never alone with a charcoal burner

I popped into 399 yesterday, while Toni was having emergency dentistry from an aggressive piece of walnut bread. I’d heard nothing but good things and wanted to try their mulled wine for a Tiger Tiger comparo and it was very good.

The interesting thing though was the bartender was laboriously making an Old Fashioned. So given they haven’t been done properly for ages, would this make it an old fashioned Old Fashioned? And if they updated it in a decade’s time, would it be a newly fashioned old fashioned Old Fashioned? Also, if Ray Davies died around that time and they made a tribute drink, would it be a newly fashioned old fashioned Old Fashioned follower of fashion?


  1. santos.’s avatar

    i hate it when bread fights back. i hope tooth and wife are doing well.

    i am too young to know the difference between an old old-fashioned and a new old-fashioned, but i only ever had them at a v. old-fashioned seafood restaurant with a bartender that was v. old, and possibly v. old-fashioned. they were bitter and difficult to drink, which makes me think that old and old-fashioned can sometimes be used interchangeably. would a new old-fashioned be more palatable?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    She’s well and tooth is fixed. Eva has promised to avenge us and will not rest until its done – she started by eating half a baguette I bought on Sunday.

    O=Old; OF=Old Fashioned; N=New

    O and OF —->True
    O and O —->True
    OF and OF —-> True
    N and OF —>True
    N=OF —> False
    N and OF —> True
    OF->O —>True
    O->OF —>False

    I imagine they used a blender for the restaurant and the old bartender. And that if it were too old, the ice would melt.

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