Roast Lamb with Mash and Gravy

I don’t know why I decided on a roast tonight. Roasts are communal things. Well at least I think they are. They seemed a kind of weak attractor to my Dad at the pub. A lamb roast kept Naomi Watts with her family and away from Tom Cruise. Although maybe it’s a talisman against Scientology. The household was cleft in two this afternoon after my wife knocked over the Chinese Shadow box and smashed half of my sake cup collection. I was gutted and went into the combo of the worst aspects of both my parent’s anger strategies – the raging sulk.

Anyway lamb roast OK. I unrolled and smeared with a stuffing of pureed olive oil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, breadcrumbs and garlic. The roast potatoes, I mashed. Made a simple gravy mint sauce is two parts mint, one part boiling water two parts vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes. Thanks Woman’s Weekly Cookbook.

That’s it.