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Terror on the kitchen floor. My favourite read ever, Reader’s Digest Book of Strange Stories, Amazing Facts, was compromised by having to turn pages carefully as a kid so I didn’t end up on page 391 and the terrible faces that appeared on a kitchen floor in Belmez in Spain in 1971.

Faces appeared and a medieval cemetery was found underneath AND

these microphones had recorded sounds not audible to the ear-voices speaking strange languages, agonised moans matching the torment in their eyes of the faces on the floor!!!!!

and speaking of horrifying phantom people and agonised moans, Robert Corr is quite the Entertainer.

Bonus RDSSAF pic: Anyone looking for a thumbnail for their DEVO coverband blog, it’s yours.

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Star Anise

Nice work scanner.

Previous photo scanned from a colour reversal photo taken in Augusta.


Jellied Cream.

Like it? Had it?

Thickened cream.

Never knew it.

Cream + Gelatine.

What a fraud.

Process for coming up with this:

Ubaldi Saccotini al Salmone -> Lemon-> Cream -> Fresh Parsley Fennel->Small Bottle of Pinot Chardy Sparklin’.

Saccotini al Salmone look like little wontons. Grated the lemon peel of two lemons finely, cooked in little butter for a minute or two. In went the sparkling, simmered for a few minutes. Cup of whipping cream. Simmer and stir for another two with a tbs of fennel leaves. Pour over the Saccotini and add some parmesan.

Fresh and tart creamy with the fennel adding an unexpected flavour disorient. Liked it a lot. A lot. Saccotini could have gone harder with the salmon, but why not just have fresh pasta with smoked salmon. Capers?

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New Norcia monky magic 7 grain bread. Can’t say I was thrilled by the sourdough (is it just me that picks up a slight soapy taste) but this 7 grain is excellent. Passed the “I’m just having it with butter test” with flying colours. From Leonard’s Deli on St Leonard’s Street in Leederville. They’re pushing high quality local produce and are doing the gourmet deli thing so pop in and support their endeavour. New Norcia bread on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Last night went to arirang Korean BBQ restaurant last night in Subiaco and was impressed for a lot of reasons. You cook your own meat over hot coals and the marinated beef, pork and chicken (no tongue on first date) was deeelectable. Meat came with pickles, kim-chee, rice, and miso. The cooked beef is eaten wrapped in lettuce with rice like san choi bow. Great stuff and also had a cold noodle bibim neng myun salad to finish. Enjoyed the sweet spicy sauce offset by pieces of nashi apple. Hite beer was the waiter’s favourite and with good reason – everything a light summery meat eating lager should be.

Tops though, was the service. Heartfelt, sincere, helpful. They genuinely wanted us to enjoy our meal. This shouldn’t be unusual, but it is.

About $20 a head for the food, more than your usual Asian restaurant but less than what most meat and carbs places charge (won’t pay more than $15 – the Nookenburra Hotel hasn’t been knocked down yet).

Arirang BBQ Korean Restaurant 420 Hay Street, Subiaco

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Aventinus wheat-doppelbock

Aventinus wheat-doppelbock Brian finds flavours that I couldn’t if I had a map and a torch. It’s good. Wheat and high alcohol content says treacle dipped in honey but it’s not, a lot of character without that stickytongued p-hah. Brian says drink it alone. True. Don’t want to have to share these things. I’m thinking a perfect weekend evening starter. Get the BA levels nice and peachy and then just keep nudging it along with some lagers. Which is what I did.

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From my local pizza shop that’s often been there for me in lazy times. Their florentine pizza didn’t do it for me, the spinach drags the flavours down and mutes any subtlety that might have been there. The Epson scanner works well though

Pizza on Cambridge, Cambridge Street, Floreat


Timbale Quotient

Modified from Recherch&#233 Entr&#233es by C. Hermann Senn


Painting by Numbers

Gah I’m cream crackered, here go amuse yourselves. Best picture wins a meat tray. Colours below.

1. Fuchsia ; 2 Gainsboro; 3 Ghostwhite; 4 Gold; 5 Goldenrod; 6 Gray; 7 Green; 8 Greenyellow; 9 Honeydew; 10 Hotpink; 11 Indianred; 12 Indigo; 13 Ivory; 14 Khaki; 15 Lavender; 16 Lemonchiffon; 17 Chartreuse.

Game on! Mark! santos!.

Late, Great: spicycow. Warning! not for gentle meat comes from the supermarket folk.

Starving Artist: David has a beautiful vision in his auspicious piece, The Technicolour Ox is Patient and Strong and Will Graze in the Surplus Money of his Sound Fiscal Management (I’m guessing on the title ; )


Colonial Fancies

Legible version here

From my 1977 copy of Australian Colonial Cookery by Richard (nice combo) Daunton-Fear and Penelope Vigar – “A page from Mrs Beeton’s cookery book illustrating some of the hundreds of elaborate desserts which were part of a good cooks repertoire during the latter half of the nineteenth century”. Part of my research for my groundbreaking book Confections of History-The Myth of pre 1970s Rubbish Food; Chapter 6 – No Empire, No Fancy Jelly”.

There’ll be a test next week, get boning.

Eddy’s in the Space Time Continuum: Fine dining and fisticuffs at A Journal of Four Coloured Colonial Fancies

Speaking of Mrs Beeton – things have been rather quiet over at Tripe Soup. And which cake do I like? The deltoid one seems to have had quite a bit of work put into it.